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AD, Dangerous substances in snacks


Dangerous substances in snacks

Dutch children ingest unnecessarily high amounts of carcinogens each day in crisps, cookies and chips. Manufacturers are still not making use of the new, successful means that are available to prevent these harmful substances from ending up in food.

"Pepijn knows he was wrong"

Pepijn V., the 17-year-old Alkmaar boy who is suspected of having delivered a fatal blow to high school student Gerd Nan van Wijk, denies that his actions were premeditated. He reportedly struck the 16-year-old in a heated argument, his father Chris says.

Het Financieele Dagblad

ABN Amro sticks to Barclays deal

ABN Amro has refused to give in to the most important demand from the trio of banks that brought out a counteroffer on ABN Amro yesterday. It will not back down on its plan to sell US subsidiary LaSalle. The consortium will be given access to the same financial information Barclays saw before making its bid on Monday. The consortium announced a counter-bid on Wednesday worth EUR 72.2 billion.

Now it's the shareholders' turn

ABN Amro has reserved 400 extra parking spaces near the Convention Centre in The Hague where the bank's annual shareholders' meeting will be held today. A record turnout is anticipated: more than half of the outstanding capital is expected to be represented. About 30 percent is usually considered a good turnout. The takeover battle is in full tilt and shareholders will be able to voice their opinion for the first time today.

Nederlands Dagblad

Safer roads require more money

The cabinet should take extra measures to improve traffic safety in the Netherlands. Otherwise the government's objective to dramatically lower the number of traffic fatalities will not be met, says the Foundation for Traffic Safety Research (SWOV).

"Christian schools must allow skull-cap"

Christian schools may allow skull-caps, even if they ban headscarves, says lawyer Herman Loonstein, after examining the verdict from the Committee for Equal Treatment (CGB).. Loonstein, chairman of the ultra-orthodox Jewish school group in Amsterdam, fears that Jews will end up the victim of a measure that has been taken to address a problem with Muslims.

De Pers

Lelystad provides solution for Schiphol expansion

The transport minister's plans to make Lelystad airport a branch of Schiphol could help the unemployed in the Flevo polder. This could put an end to years of discussion on the expansion of Schiphol.

New island off Zandvoort

Patrick Poelmann, outgoing member of the provincial government of Noord-Holland, wants to see a small island built off the coast of Zandvoort. The island would be 100 metres off the coast, with a diameter of about 500 metres. The beaches could both provide recreation areas and protect the coast.

De Telegraaf

The Netherlands is drying out

The long dry period is starting to cause problems for farmers, plants and animals. Seeds are not germinating, animals have little water, and all sorts of protected plant species are in danger of extinction. The KNMI doesn't expect any rain till the end of next week.

Berlijn annoyed at foreign media

Commander of the armed forces Dick Berlijn is annoyed at criticism of the Dutch mode of operation in southern Afghanistan from the foreign media.

The four-star general has long contained himself even after many reports that the Dutch "would rather not fight," but an article in Canadian newspaper The Toronto Star was reportedly the last straw.


Lelystad airport should cushion growth

Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings is arguing that Lelystad airport should take over some of the holiday flights operating from Schiphol. Schiphol would continue to be the mainport. The Spatial Planning Bureau predicts that Schiphol will need the capacity to handle about 80 million passengers by 2020, compared to the 46 million that pass through it currently.

Our obsession with eternal youth

People considering cosmetic surgery should first talk to a psychologist or psychiatrist, says psychotherapist Roefke Carmiggelt. "Before a plastic surgeon decides to operate, an expert must ascertain that the customer is not suffering serious psychological problems." Plastic surgeons say the idea is ridiculous.

de Volkskrant

Entire PvdA party executive resigns

The Labour party PvdA will continue with an interim executive after the unexpected resignation of party chairman Michiel van Hulten. Ruud Koole, who handed over chairmanship of the party to Van Hulten 18 months ago, will take on this position once again for the time being.  Tension among the members of the executive was the reason for the resignation of the party executive, not the election campaign, said party leader Wouter Bos on Wednesday evening.

Museum director tries to buy Couperus' house

The building where writer Louis Couperus grew up is for sale. The director of the Couperus museum, currently housed on the Javastraat, would like nothing more than to move the collection around the corner to the writer's childhood home on the Surinamestraat.

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