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All newspapers reported on the new EU treaty.

All newspapers reported on the new EU treaty.


Commotion about Oranje players with Surinamese flags

The six international players of Young Oranje who draped the Surinamese flag over their shoulders after winning the European Cup final unintentionally caused a great deal of commotion. The footballers sparked a flood of negative responses with their action.

CDA rejects plan for anonymous job applications

The Christian Democrat CDA has great difficulty Home Affairs Minister Guusje ter Horst's plans to introduce anonymous applications for government job openings. Concealing job applicants' names is intended to stop discrimination on the basis of ethnicity. On Tuesday the Labour PvdA minister will answer questions in Parliament about the plan.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Employers promise major job plan

The business sector is promising to find jobs for 200,000 long-term unemployed people in exchange for relaxed legislation for dismissal. The government will have to fund half of the plan, and take on the financial risk of work-related illness. Employers' organisations VNO-NCW, MKB Nederland and LTO Nederland are bringing this proposal to the table at the employment summit on Wednesday.

CO2 policy costs billions too much
The cabinet is ignoring inexpensive solutions to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and is depending too much on energy saving and sustainable energy. As a result the climate policy is EUR 5 billion more expensive each year than it needs to be. This is contained in a confidential recommendation to the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment from the Energy Research Centre (ECN) and the Environmental Planning Bureau (MNP), the most important Dutch think-tanks with regard to energy.

Nederlands Dagblad

Hundreds of tickets to scooter drivers

The speed cameras of the justice department have caught "many hundreds" of moped and scooter drivers violating the speed limit in the first five months of this year. In total the police have issued 3,651 tickets to vehicle operators, according to figures from the Traffic Enforcement Bureau of the public prosecution department (BVOM).

First meeting of strict protestant homosexuals

RefoAnders, a foundation for homosexuals from a strict (Reformed) protestant upbringing, held its first meeting on Saturday. "It is not good to keep homosexual youth away from each other for fear they might start relationships."

"Chora crisis" puts mission under pressure

The Dutch reconstruction mission in Uruzgan has been put in danger by the defence of the village of Chora. Since the end of April Dutch troops have been engaged in heavy fighting with the Taliban. Now it has reportedly quieted down.

New infertility treatment suspended

Two Brabant hospitals have temporarily suspended a new treatment for female infertility after criticism. The Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO) said that the treatment, new in the Netherlands, was an "unwanted and worrisome development."

De Telegraaf

Honour of technical schools restored

The old fashioned technical school is making a comeback. The technical college should help make a dent in the urgent shortage of technical workers. Trial projects are being started at ten locations this year, including Rotterdam and Ede. The aim is to help 3,500 young people from the region find a job each year.

TU Delft helps with moon landing

The TU Delft is involved in building a new space capsule for NASA. The American plan to use the capsule to send another manned flight to the moon in 2011.


Problem students under school's wing

State secretary for education Sharon Dijksma (Labour PvdA) wants to quickly introduce a new system to help problem students. Special education will not be affected.

VVD members want to get rid of new voting system

In order to avoid more commotion in the Liberal VVD, a significant part of the party wants to put an end to the modernised system in place for the internal election of party leader. The new system allows any member to nominate someone for party leader from their PC at home.

De Volkskrant

Cash bonus for online purchase of medicine

Chronically ill patients earn tens to hundreds of euro each year from bonuses on their internet medicine purchases. The website, which offers patients bonuses of EUR 2 to 4 per prescription, has 33,000 customers just five months after its launch. Pharmacists have complained to the government about unfair competition.

Eurlings wants to push road construction

Transport and Public Works Minister Camiel Eurlings is putting pressure on municipalities and provinces to speed up the construction of roads and railroads in the Randstad area. The road capacity between Schiphol, Amsterdam and Almere needs to be increased and the A4 needs to be extended.

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