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AD, Dutch surprised at telephone bills after holiday


Dutch surprised at telephone bills after holiday

Over half of the Dutch are surprised at the costly telephone bill they receive after being on holiday. This emerged from a survey by the Consumers' Union. Many are faced with a bill tens and sometimes hundreds of euro more expensive than usual.

Martinair increases ticket prices

Airline Martinair is increasing its ticket prices. The business hopes this will make passenger transport more profitable.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Coalition divided on liberalisation of postal market

The coalition parties are in conflict over the liberalisation of the postal system. The Labour party PvdA will join the opposition to block the new Post Office Act if the Christian democrat CDA does not help protect postal workers from the effects of competition in the sector. opens second-hand bookshop online

Anyone can start selling their second-hand books online on The company has announced this just a few days before the Dutch start clearing out their attics en masse for the flea markets on Queen's Day. "We want to bring fundamental changes to the market," says managing director Daniel Ropers.

Nederlands Dagblad

Divorce hits children hard

Children are much more affected by a divorce than has previously been assumed. In the long term children of divorced parents suffer not only anxiety and depression, but they also exhibit aggressive and criminal behaviour more frequently than children from "complete" families.

They also smoke, drink and use marijuana more than other children and they are twice as likely to divorce later on themselves. The conclusions were based on a survey of about 1,600 young people aged 12 to 16. The study will be published next week.

De Telegraaf

Killed because of a rumour

The murder on the playground of 16-year-old Gerd Nan van Wijk on Monday was almost certainly the result of teenage gossip that got out of hand. The 17-year-old Alkmaar youth Pepijn V. hit Van Wijk on the head several times with such force that the boy died in hospital on Monday.

Martinair president refuses to cooperate with eco-tax

The aviation sector has told the government in a letter that it will not be cooperating with the collection of the eco-tax that Finance Minister Wouter Bos (Labour party PvdA) wants to impose starting next year. The environmental tax would drive ticket prices up by about EUR 25. Martinair CEO Arie Verberk said it would be a "blow to the aviation sector."


Prostitutes don't pay tax

About 60 percent of the prostitutes in legal brothels still do not pay tax. They continue to take payment without reporting it to the tax authority.

Child abuse figures even higher than reported

More than a third of all young people between the ages of 12 and 18 say they have been abused at some time. This emerged from a survey by the Vrije Universiteit. The VU Amsterdam says one in five children was the victim of abuse in 2005, which adds up to a total of 160,700 young people.

de Volkskrant

Barroso invites Balkenende to discuss future of EU constitution

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso has invited Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende to a special meeting with a few Europen leaders to make some headway in the impasse surrounding the EU consitution. Barroso wants to hold the meeting just after the second round of voting in the French presidential elections.

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