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De Volkskrant, "Magic square" not all that sensational

 De Volkskrant

"Magic square" not all that sensational

Mathematics Professor Klaas Landsman of  the Radboud University Nijmegen says it is very clever of course that three school students have come up with a particularly magic square, a fact that was reported throughout the media on Thursday. But it is not quite the worldwide sensation his Radboud colleague Arno van den Essen called it. "That is a bit of an exaggeration, to put it mildly," Landsman said.


Concern after fourth school stabbing in three days

After four stabbings at various schools in the past three days, State Secretary for education Marja Bijsterveldt is going to look into whether more security measures are needed.

Car manufacturers choose for clean hybrid

Almost all the major car brands will bring hybrids onto the market next year. A hybrid combines a traditional combustion engine with an electric engine.

De Telegraaf

Toll for road works

Motorists will have to pay some of the price for road works in advance in the form of a toll or a "subscription" for a part of the motorway.

Sex offender continues teaching

There are 17 convicted sex offenders teaching in classrooms throughout the country. They will most likely be allowed to continue in their profession because Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin says nothing can be done to stop this.

Nederlands Dagblad

ChristenUnie must adjust to role in coalition

ChristenUnie's new role in the government, a first for the party, is raising new questions for the party. Like, how do you deal with a coalition partner that is testing the boundaries of the coalition accord? "You can't let anything go," says experienced coalition partner Christian democrat CDA.

"Nasty" agents to combat Islamic terror

Islamic studies professor Hans Jansen says in Friday's edition of Opinio that the intelligence and security service AIVD needs a special department of "nasty bastards" to if necessary "get their hands dirty" in the fight against Islamic terrorism.


Child predators not a priority for TMF

TMF does nothing to remove possible paedophiles from chat rooms. That emerged from interviews with former moderators for TMF. The moderators of TMF's chat site have been urging for years that better security measures be introduced.

PvdA youth want to take minister to court

The youth division of the PvdA, the Young Socialists, are threatening to take Minister for Home Affairs Guusje ter Horst to court if she does not force pension funds ABP and PGGM to stop investing in companies involved in producing land mines.

De Pers

An abundance of knives

Students at a randomly chosen school were asked about weapons at school. "How many boys here are carrying a weapon?" "At least half," say first year vocational school students Muhammed (12), Yusuf (12), Abdelilah (13) and Mohamed (14) of the Calvijn College. "One of my classmates was suspended last week for carrying a knife," says 14-year-old second year student Aboubakr.

Investors want money from Moszkowicz

"My clients should get the money they paid the Moszkowicz family back because of mismanagement. I'm looking forward to the battle in court," says Amsterdam lawyer Hendrik Jan Bos in the most recent issue of Quote magazine.

Dagblad De Limburger

Wilders: I'm being demonised by the left

Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom, accuses his critics of creating a climate in which an attack on his life is not inconceivable.

Neighbourhood support mainly to Randstad

Most of the extra hundreds of millions of euro that the government is going to hand out to disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the coming years will be going to the Randstad region. In Limburg the Meezenbroek neighbourhood in Heerlen and Nazareth in Maastricht will be getting extra funds.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Threat of redundancies at ING and Postbank

Unions fear significant job losses at ING Bank and Postbank if plans go through to integrate the banks in the Netherlands. ING is counting on considerable cost savings.

Insurance coverage riddled with holes

Most conflicts in the insurance sector arise because insurers are not following through on promises. "Instead of providing security, they are creating too much uncertainty among their clients," says Jan Wolter Wabeke. The Ombudsman for Insurance will present his annual report on 2006 today.

NRC Next

If the EU didn't exist…

A farmer, an environmental activist, an entrepreneur, and four other Dutch people talk about how their world would be different without the EU.

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