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De Volkskrant, PR offensive masks limited scope

De Volkskrant

PR offensive masks limited scope

The cabinet has made quite a show of its consultation with organisations and citizens. But what contribution has this project actually made?

Dales is finished in Leeuwarden

There have been rumours for some time, but now it's certain: Geert Dales is leaving Leeuwarden. As of 15 July the current mayor will become chairman of the executive board at Hogeschool Inholland in The Hague. No one in Leeuwarden seems too surprised.


Bacteria in new pipes

Almost a quarter of the water pipes in newly built complexes have a heightened risk of infection with legionnaire's disease and other bacteria. The pipes have not been properly installed, which allows dangerous bacteria to multiply.

Shooting may have been revenge

The man shot in Rotterdam-Zuid on Sunday evening turns out to be the man who was tried for the murder of 13-year-old Sedar Soares several years ago. Gerald H. (31) was never convicted for the crime, however. The police think the shooting on Sunday may have been revenge for the murder of the boy.


Cabinet concludes 100 days

The cabinet officially concluded its 100-day tour of the country on Monday. The tour closed with a meeting with 250 interested citizens in Utrecht.

Tichelaar fears for Wouter Bos's leadership

Labour PvdA faction leader Jacques Tichelaar fears uproar in his party, which could put Wouter Bos's leadership in danger.

Het Financieele Dagblad

CEOs more often forced to leave

Fewer CEOs are finding themselves choosing their date of resignation, an international survey shows. The wave of forced resignations among senior management continues.

More companies set up offices in Brabant

Businesses looking for a location in the Netherlands are choosing more often for Noord-Brabant. The province of Brabant seems to be the most popular for employers in the distribution centre because of its favourable location.

Nederlands Dagblad

Balkenende says policy will work better because of dialogue

The government drew up the balance on Monday, before 100 days had technically passed however. During talks with citizens and organisations, ministers and state secretaries have gathered a number of suggestions for the policy programme to be presented in mid June.

NRC Next

Legionnaire's disease claims a life

A 78-year-old woman died on Monday after being infected with legionnaire's disease at the HagaZiekenhuis in The Hague. Three other patients have also been infected, a spokesperson for the hospital has confirmed.

De Telegraaf

Authorities warns about Balkan criminal gangs

The national criminal investigation service is sounding the alarm about international criminal gangs who come to the Netherlands for short periods of time. After committing robberies they return to their own countries and are virtually untraceable.

Travel agency takes Brink to court

Infamous businesswoman Nina Brink is refusing to pay a 100,000-euro bill for a deluxe safari she recently took with her boyfriend and daughter Karin.

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