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Metro, Too little knowledge of culture in psychiatry


Too little knowledge of culture in psychiatry

The absence of a scientifically evaluated method of treatment and a lack of knowledge about the patient's culture makes it difficult for forensic psychiatrists to successfully treat people of foreign background, say experts.

Shortage of personnel in prisons and army

The Netherlands Agency for Correctional Institutions (DJI) and the defence department need thousands of new recruits each year to fill vacancies. They are having difficulty finding people however. The agencies are working together with the Centre for Work and Income (CWI) to find new staff.

Nederlands Dagblad

Reconstruction in Afghanistan lagging behind

The balance between military action and reconstruction in southern Afghanistan must be improved. Development cooperation minister Bert Koenders said this in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Wednesday.

Dagblad De Pers

"This goes too far"

Turkish politicians from the Christian democrats (CDA) and Liberals (VVD) are turning against their parties because the parties want to scrap dual nationality for people of immigrant background.

De Volkskrant

Insurer makes cuts to healthcare package

ONVZ is the first healthcare insurer to make cuts to its supplementary healthcare insurance. From 15 April it will offer limited coverage for alternative healing, therapy, paramedical care and psychological help.

Barclays scandal after revealing BBC film

Barclays, the British bank which wants to merge with ABN Amro, is the subject of scandal after a documentary reportedly shows that the bank systematically misleads customers.

De Telegraaf

Cheap tickets to the US

Flying to New York, Miami and other US cities from Amsterdam will probably become much cheaper in the coming years. By the end of summer 2008 at the latest, not only KLM but also budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet will be able to fly to the US from Schiphol. The extra competition is the result of a pioneering aviation agreement between the EU and the US.

Point system for all drivers

The Labour party (PvdA) wants to introduce the point system for all motorists. The Socialist party (SP) supports the proposal, while the Christian democrats (CDA), Liberals (VVD) and ChristenUnie have doubts about the plan. Now that the point system has proved successful for beginning drivers, PvdA MP Lia Roefs said the time is right to make the system generally applicable.

NRC Next

What should police have done differently?

An arrest team evacuated a school in Rotterdam after a fight on the school playground on Tuesday.

NS considers rush hour tax

The NS is considering introducing a rush hour tax if motorists change over en mass to train travel because of the road pricing (expected in 2011). The NS wants to prevent passengers from "pushing and shoving" on the platforms, says director Meerstadt.


Minister Klink wants to scrap happy hour

Public Health Minister Klink wants an end to special campaigns involving cheap drinks in an effort to combat alcohol abuse among young people.

Healthcare and housing institutions plan merger

Three national institutions for healthcare and housing want to work together closely and possibly even merge. This would create a large care organisation with some 34,000 employees and turnover of 1.1 billion.


Measures against Legionnaire's disease too expensive

Efforts to combat Legionnaire's disease are too far-reaching and expensive. Closing buildings after the bacteria has been found is unnecessary in four times out of five, and leads to unnecessary commotion.

Camera operators protected

Camera operators in football stadiums will be protected from aggressive supporters. Stewards will be stationed at camera locations in the stands. This measure comes after the serious assault of a cameraman at the PSV-Ajax match last Sunday.

Het Financieele Dagblad

The Netherlands fails to land UN projects

Dutch businesses still get very few orders from the UN. Companies from other small countries manage to get a great number of orders, figures from the UN show. The Netherlands came in 19th place on a list of countries that received UN orders in 2005. Belgium, Italy, Denmark, and Switzerland are all in the top seven. This has been the situation for several years.

Aruban stock market draws businesses

Fewer businesses are showing interest in a listing on the stock market in the Netherlands. This is not the case elsewhere in the kingdom however. The number of businesses listed on the stock market in Aruba has almost doubled, from three to five.

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