Morning newspapers – 22 June 2007

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De Pers, Everyone has their own pastime

De Pers

Everyone has their own pastime

The fact that our cities are a melting pot of cultures can be seen from the wide variety of leisure activities. Each ethnic group has its own specific pastimes.

de Volkskrant

Poland use WW II as weapon

Spain, Italy and France put their heads together last night to come up with a compromise in order to save the European summit on the future of the constitution from turning into a failure. At the same time the French and Czechs tried to convince the Poles to let go of their opposition to the new distribution of votes in the EU.


Poland overshadows EU summit with bitterness

The European summit is at a loss of what to do about Poland, which is threatening to block a new EU treaty. The tone is becoming all the more bitter.

Suzanne's murderer appears in court

Suzanne Wisman was 12 years old when she was murdered. Henk van D. from Nieuw-Buinen has confessed. He appears in court for the first time today.

Nrc next

How the merger failed

ABN Amro and ING were almost ready to become the second largest bank in Europe. Now ABN is talking with others.

Father killed near primary school

A 47-year-old man was shot dead in front of a public school in Apeldoorn. He had just dropped his 6-year-old son off at school. The perpetrator has not been caught. Police sent an sms to 2,500 neighbourhood residents on Thursday in hopes that area residents might have seen something that can help the investigation.

Algemeen Dagblad

Businesses have had enough

The business sector is sick and tired of blunders at the tax authority. It wants EUR 200 million in compensation from State secretary for finance De Jager. That should reimburse the costs incurred by 400,000 companies because of problems at the tax authority.

"Taliban targets Dutch soldiers"

The Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan are reportedly becoming more and more of a target for the Taliban. The Taliban hopes the violence and suicide attacks will boost opposition to the mission in the Netherlands.

Nederlands Dagblad

"Corrupt official has free rein"

Municipalities do too little to stop corruption among officials. Efforts to combat fraud and abuse of power are often short-lived and make it no further than good intentions.

"Dijsselbloem should switch to CU"

The Labour PvdA youth have had enough of party colleague and MP Jeroen Dijsselbloem's moralising, and encourage him to switch over to the ChristenUnie.

De Telegraaf

Lorries given priority

Freight lorries and buses have priority over other traffic at traffic lights on provincial roads in Zuid-Holland from now on.

Martinair scraps hundreds of jobs

After almost 50 years, Martinair will stop operating holiday flights to European destinations. The company is facing difficulty and will undergo reorganisation.

Het Financieele Dagblad

"The Netherlands' reputation is at stake in ABN case"

The trustworthiness of the Dutch business sector as a trade partner will be at stake if the Supreme Court upholds the Enterprise Chamber's verdict in the ABN Amro case. Chief Financial Officer of Bank of America Joe Price said this in a telephone interview with the Financieele Dagblad.

Cabinet tackles front for criminal underworld

The cabinet is cracking down on business owners who misuse their licenses for criminal activities. In addition to the sex industry, the real estate and temporary employment sectors must also be screened for integrity.

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