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Metro, 9,000 young motorists convicted


9,000 young motorists convicted

The Bureau for Traffic Enforcement of the Public Prosecution Service (BVOM) has registered 9,000 convictions of motorists who recently received their license. This emerges from not-yet-published BVOM figures to which Metro has access.

De Winter plans book on Van Gogh

Writer Leon de Winter wants to write a book on the role of the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) in the killing of filmmaker and Metro columnist Theo van Gogh, he wrote in his weblog on Tuesday.
Nederlands Dagblad

Churches not happy with rules for donations

The inter-denominational consultative body on government matters (CIO) is disappointed at the new rules for the tax deduction of gifts to churches. CIO secretary Hans Zuijdwijk said this on Tuesday.

ABN/Barclays to be headquartered in Amsterdam 

If the merger between ABN Amro and Barclays goes forward, the headquarters will be in Amsterdam. The British company will provide the CEO.

De Pers

Hema to be sold

There have been rumours for some time, but now it is certain. The Hema is being sold. A statement from owner MaxedaBV calls the move a "strategic reorientation"  - stripped of the venture capitalist jargon – a "sale."

Increased number of complaints about the government

The National Ombudsman received 25 percent more complaints last year. "There has never been such a large number of citizens complaining about the government," says ombudsman Alex Brenninkmeijer.

De Telegraaf

Homeowners give in to property tax

Homeowners seem to be giving up the battle against the increased property valuations for property tax this year. The number of letters of objection is significantly smaller than in 2005.

Arnhem politicians lash out at mayor

Mayor Pauline Krikke has come under heavy fire in the Arnhem city council now that she has blamed problems at the regional police force on misleading actions by the works council.

Police personnel union NPB says an impossible situation has arisen now that interim police chief Jelle Kuiper is calling on officers to turn against the works council, which he no longer trusts.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Extra tax on cars that pollute

State secretary for Finance De Jager plans to make the purchase of fuel-efficient cars even more attractive. He wants to double the difference between tax on polluting cars and tax on clean cars.

ABN Amro chooses one-tier management board

The outlines of 'Barclays ABN' are quickly taking form. While the merger was only the subject of unconfirmed rumours on Monday, the banks announced on Tuesday that decisions on important stumbling blocks – except the price – had already been taken.

de Volkskrant

Turks take "green funds" to court

Several thousand Turks living in Western Europe are preparing a joint claim against two large Turkish holdings. The holdings reportedly scammed 200,000 "Islamic" investors out of EUR 5 billion.


Patient at risk because of inexperience in operating room

An increasing number of inexperienced staff, some with little medical knowledge, is working in operating rooms. This increases the risk of patients falling victim to infections in wounds or technical errors.

"Call Public Works if there's no work going on"  

Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings is urging all motorists to contact the Department of Public Works if they get the impression that a road has been blocked off unnecessarily.


Muslims take on problems at schools

The umbrella organisation of Islamic schools ISBO wants to increase its authority by having the power to dismiss failing school administrators from now on.

Friends of the Earth wants less livestock

Friends of the Earth Netherlands says an environmental tax of 85 euro cents per kilo of meat and a 50-percent decrease in the number of livestock is inevitable. This is the only way to ensure the future for Dutch livestock holders.

NRC Next

Ten, nine, eight...

After almost two television seasons, Tien has failed to become a success. John de Mol is looking for a solution.

Special help for parents of difficult children

Children with behavioural disturbances are more likely to get in trouble with the law. A special help service is being set up for their parents.

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