Morning newspapers – 20 June 2007

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Telegraaf, Spray to detect drug use at schools


Spray to detect drug use at schools

A special detection spray should be used to combat drug use among school students. The spray shows up in certain colours if the child has been in contact with marijuana, cocaine or heroin. Parents of a child who have been "caught" are notified so that they can take action.

Smoking ban in 2008 is madness

Royal Horeca Nederland (KHN) is close to desperation at Public Health Minister Klink's plans to introduce a smoking ban as of 1 July 2008.

Cap on severance pay

Trade union De Unie, which represents 80,000 workers, is calling on its parent union MHO to boycott the employment summit if the cabinet plans to cap severance pay at about EUR 100,000, as was leaked on Tuesday. The largest unions FNV and CNV are not dismissing offhand the government's plans to be presented at the summit next Wednesday.

Financieel Dagblad

Art is not the best investment

Investing in art may seem lucrative, but appearances can be deceiving, say economist William Baumol during a visit to the Netherlands.

Businesses the victim of chaos at tax authority

An administrative nightmare is looming for businesses. The tax authority and benefits administration UWV have not succeeded in solving their administrative problems. That means that businesses themselves will need to supply the information to the tax authority in order to facilitate the payment of extra allowances and the repayment of premiums paid in excess to their employees. 430,000 businesses may be soon faced with this task.


34 million refugees and displaced persons

The number of refugees rose sharply last year. The crises in Iraq and Sudan in particular displaced many more people.

Dutch version of YouTube launched, the most popular video site in the world, launched a Dutch language version of its site today.


Severance packages reined in

The responsible ministers have reached agreement on making it easier for employers to dismiss workers.

Algemeen Dagblad

Audit Chamber slams HSL project

The enormous problems surrounding the high speed line (HSL) are largely the fault of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.

Heroin junkies an endangered species

Heroin junkies are dying out. Few new users are taking up the drug and older problem cases are gradually dying off. The Trimbos institute for addiction treatment reported this in the national drug monitor for 2006.

Nederlands Dagblad

Heavy fighting continues in Uruzgan

The fierce fighting in Uruzgan continued on Tuesday. It has been the largest Taliban offensive this year.

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