Morning newspapers – 20 February 2007

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All newspapers covered the Bram Moszkowicz press conference, where he announced he was resigning as Willem Holleeder’s defender.

All newspapers covered the Bram Moszkowicz press conference, where he announced he was resigning as Willem Holleeder’s defender.


Teens used in alcohol checks

Minors will be used to uncover which retailers sell alcohol to minors. The Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) will soon sign a agreement with small retailers, cafe owners and supermarkets allowing the agency to use teenage “mystery guests”.

Playing Big with Marbles

Hans Zandvliet from Wassenaar has launched a large Magic Marbles production facility in Vietnam.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Benefits fraud on the Spanish coast

One out of every four Dutch pensioners living in Spain is committing fraud with benefits. Many elderly living at Dutch campsites also commit fraud.

Extra bonus for Philips executives

The Philips executive group have made an extra million euro from selling shares in the company’s semiconductor company. Philips published their annual report yesterday.


The last stretch of green grass

The expanding Rotterdam and The Hague municipalities are almost touching. There remains but a thin 300-metre stretch of land between them, near Oude Leede. Modern buildings have surrounded the old village, where only one small meadow remains.

Blind to extreme right

Investigation agencies concentrate on radical Muslim terror, while they should also pay attention to other groups, such as the extreme right, terrorism expert Alex Schmid said.

De Telegraaf

Insurance breaks for TomTom users

Drivers using navigation tools may soon get significant discounts on their insurance. According to the TNO insurance institute, navigation tools allow for safer driving.

Kuijpers student of famous attorney

Willem Holleeder’s new lawyer Jan-Hein Kuijpers is a student of Piet Doedens, a famous Utrecht attorney. Kuijpers spent 7.5 years working at his office before starting his own practice in Den Bosch.


Long list of suspects in Ivory Coast tragedy

A long list of businesses, from the Trafigura oil company based in the Netherlands to waste recycler Tommy in Abidjan, seem to have been involved in the poisoning tragedy at the Ivory Coast last year, local investigation committee headed by Bogui Ziriyo concluded.

De Volkskrant

One fourth of pensioners cheats on benefits

Many pensioners living on the Spanish Coast commit benefits fraud, the Social Security Bank (SVB) said on Monday. The bank has stepped up its verification checks for benefits entitlement.

Spontaneously Broken Bones in Newborns

The cause of approximately one fifth of all broken bone cases in newborns in the Netherlands remains unknown, a survey in Utrecht has shown. The incidents might not involve poor care or violence.

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