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De Telegraaf, Financial instructions useless

De Telegraaf

Financial instructions useless

The obligatory disclaimers or instructions (bijsluiters) that are meant to warn consumers for the large number of financial pitfalls around life insurance schemes and mortgages are good for nothing. Even the brand new bijsluiter that was introduced two months ago does not supply the necessary information over costs and risks, a commission investigation into a lack of information around expensive investment policies has found.

Jorritsma kept silent over illegal drilling

Almere politicians are seriously disgruntled by the actions of city mayor Annemarie Jorritsma and her husband Gerlof over the illegal drilling and pumping of groundwater for the heating and cooling of their home. It now appears that the province had disciplined the couple back in April. Jorritsma denied the rumours, however.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Investment policy 'must come under supervision'

Consumers who enter an investment insurance scheme should be better informed about the costs and risks. And insurers should end self-regulation and ensure that formal supervision is introduced for the supply of information to consumers, the Transparent Investment Insurances commission advised on Wednesday.

Euronext surprised by demands from Zalm

Stock exchange Euronext has been surprised by the extra conditions imposed by Dutch Finance Minister Gerrit Zalm on its planned merger with the New York Stock Exchange, the chief of Euronext and likely NYSE Euronext chairman, Jan-Michiel Hessels, said. His comments came after Euronext shareholders approved the merger on Tuesday.

De Volkskrant

Iraq interrogators might go to trial

Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin has not ruled out the possibility that the military intelligence MIVD officers who interrogated Iraqi prisoners in 2003 might still face criminal proceedings. The two investigations into alleged abuse could lead to charges and eventual prosecution, it was revealed during a parliamentary debate about Iraq on Tuesday.
Honour restored for ex-boss of UWV

The accountant's report over the controversial UWV affair — which led to the departure of the then social security chief Tjibbe Joustra — is wrong. Joustra — currently the nation's anti-terrorism co-ordinator — was not given an adequate chance to present his side of the argument, the accountancy sector's disciplinary council ruled on Tuesday.

Algemeen Dagblad

Housing emergency exaggerated

There is unjustly a belief in the Netherlands that the nation is in the midst of a housing crisis. Just one-fifth of the people on a waiting list for a rental home need a house quickly. The rest just want to move, but are not seeking a home immediately, research by housing sector association Aedes in commission of the Economic Affairs Ministry revealed.

Nederlands Dagblad

Youth churches association disbands

The national association Youth Churches (Jeugdkerken) — which supports and advises local youth churches — will disband. The main reason is that the youth churches movement has not seen any growth for some time.

VVD and D66 attack ChristenUnie

The Liberal VVD and Democrat D66 are doggedly defending what they say are achievements of the 1994-2002 Labour PvdA, VVD and D66 'Purple' government, such as less stringent abortion laws, euthanasia and gay marriages.

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