Morning newspapers – 2 April 2007

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AD, Higher premiums for insurance fraud


Higher premiums for insurance fraud

Those caught committing insurance fraud will soon be paying up to three times as much as others for a policy. The Centre to Combat Insurance Fraud, which became active on Monday, will be keeping swindlers on a blacklist for eight years.

Parliament wants money returned from gas bills

Parliament is demanding clarification from Economic Affairs Minister Maria van der Hoeven regarding the inaccurate measurements by gas metres. They do not think it is fair that it is always the customer that pays in the case of inaccurate measurements.

Het Financieele Dagblad

New setbacks in hospital sector

Once again hospitals have spent more than the government budgeted for them. The excess is estimated at EUR 232 million for the 2005-2007 period and comes on top of an amount of EUR 290 million announced earlier, says the Public Health ministry.

Merger with NYSE leads to unrest at Euronext

The merger between Euronext and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has led to increasing tension among the stock markets incorporated in Euronext.
There are complaints, especially in Amsterdam and London, that Paris is ignoring the national interests and the group interests of Euronext.

Nederlands Dagblad

Babies on waiting list for primary school

White parents are putting their child's name on the list for popular primary schools earlier and earlier. In the large cities several hundred babies are already on waiting lists. Parents of immigrant background are often too late in registering their children for school, which means that many end up at predominantly "black" schools.

Former MPs can't find work

MPs find it difficult to find work after leaving Parliament. Two-thirds of the MPs who left Parliament after the most recent general elections have only found part-time work, if any, according to a survey of former MPs and the factions.

De Telegraaf

Aeroplanes create more pollution than HSL

The high-speed trains that will start operation in the Netherlands on 9 December this year are surprisingly much cleaner than previously assumed. Flights between London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam produce 11 times as much CO2 emissions than train journeys.

First female air force general

The Royal Air Force will have its first female general this summer. Air force colonel Madeleine Spit (45) will be promoted to commodore as of 1 August, making her only the second female general in the Dutch armed forces.


Young disabled people get more support

Young disabled people have great difficulty finding work. And there are many more young people with disabilities, their numbers increased by 13,600 last year. This is a new challenge facing the government.

De Volkskrant

PvdA irate at Marijnissen

The Labour party PvdA is furious with Socialist party SP leader Jan Marijnissen's statement this weekend that PvdA state secretaries Nebahat Albayrak and Ahmed Aboutaleb should hand in their foreign passports. "Outright shameless opportunism," says PvdA faction leader Jacques Tichelaar.

More expensive homes: money to art

Art and culture should profit from the increase in value of homes near theatres and museums. 1 percent of the higher revenue from the municipal property tax should be permanently allotted to the subsidies for art and culture.

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