Morning newspapers – 19 June 2007

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De Pers, Every death demands an explanation

De Pers

Every death demands an explanation

We knew there would be deaths among the Dutch troops in Uruzgan. But the third death raises the question: how many more body bags can the PR department of the defence ministry handle?

"What do I have against gays? I think they're disgusting."

Education to foster understanding for homosexuality continues to be sorely needed at schools, Minister Plasterk can see for himself.

De Telegraaf

ANWB driver's license available everywhere

Citizens should be able to decide where they get their driver's license since the price varies so much from one municipality to another.

Destiny brought him into the front line

Sergeant major Jos Leunissen, the Duiven man who died in Uruzgan on Monday, was the victim of a fateful accident.

Financieel Dagblad

Ahold wants commitment from hedge fund

Activist shareholders who want a voice in supermarket company Ahold's strategy must remain on as shareholders "for about three years." The company is going to enter an agreement with the investors that includes this clause.

Akzo investors not enthusiastic about ICI

Investors did not respond with enthusiasm to the price Akzo is thinking of paying for British company ICI. Akzo's share price fell 1.3 percent on Monday.


Fierce fighting against the Taliban

A Dutch officer of the airborne brigade was killed in Afghanistan on Monday. Three others were injured.

"Put archbishop in Amsterdam"

Karel Kasteel, the highest ranking Dutchman at the Vatican, wants to see the dioceses in the Netherlands reorganised. And Amsterdam, rather than Utrecht, should be the seat of the archbishop.

de Volkskrant

Errors, but no torture

Dutch soldiers did not torture detainees in southern Iraq, but many abuses were brought to light by two independent investigation committees.

Algemeen Dagblad

Grey silverfish is "number one pest"

The grey silverfish is wreaking havoc in bookcases throughout the Netherlands. The insect is difficult to eradicate and causes a great deal of damage, mainly to books. Exterminators say it is the "number one pest" at the moment.

Nederlands Dagblad

Amnesty draws illegal aliens out of the woodwork

Thousands of "new" illegal foreigners are reporting to aid agencies for help suddenly. Many of them are asylum seekers who hope they will be eligible for amnesty, but there are also many other illegal aliens turning up who hope to profit from the measure.

Children saved from paedophiles

The police in the UK have saved 31 sexually abused children by unmasking an international network of more than 700 paedophiles.

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