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De Telegraaf, Passport available at post office

De Telegraaf

Passport available at post office

Private individuals will soon be able to pick up passports, driving licenses and excerpts from the civil registry at the post office. This could eliminate a great deal of inconvenience for those who work during the day and otherwise have to take time off for these errands since most town halls do not open on Saturday.

Café visitors drink more after smoking ban

Smokers continue to visit nightclubs and bars after a smoking ban comes into effect, but do end up spending more money on drink. 75 percent say they drink more when not allowed to smoke. This emerged from a survey by Club Judge, an organisation that rates clubs in the Netherlands and abroad.

De Volkskrant

Marechaussee report abuses in Iraq

Marechaussee officers reported "human rights violations" by marines in southern Iraq to the Van den Berg investigation committee.

"Postbank is the Frans Bauer among banks"

Karel Jan Alsem says the impending disappearance of the blue Postbank lion is a revolution in the marketing sector. And he doesn't mean that in a positive sense, the brand expert at the University of Groningen says. "This is going very far. The Postbank is one of the top brands in the Netherlands, along with HEMA, the Efteling and KLM."


Amsterdam works on road pricing for 2010

Amsterdam and the Transport Ministry are putting the final touches on an investigation into introducing road pricing on the motorways around the capital in 2010. The municipality is making every effort to become the test area for the national scheme.

Soldiers lose weapons in Uruzgan

Dutch troops in Afghanistan have lost almost 40 weapons in the past year. An extensive search led to the recovery of just eight.


Sheep keep the roadsides groomed

400 Schoonebeker sheep are being used as an environmentally-friendly lawnmower in Groningen.

Het Financieele Dagblad

State and construction boost wages in CAOs

The wages in collective labour agreements are rising faster than anticipated. There has been a clear increase in the average wages in CAOs over the past few months.

"Work, not benefits, should be the norm"

The inspectorate for work and income (IWI), the regulator in the social sector, supports an approach in which "work, not benefits" is the focus. A number of municipalities in the Netherlands have successfully employed this principle. When people apply for welfare, instead of benefits they are offered training and/or work.

Nederlands Dagblad

Approach to young criminals arbitrary

Quality varies widely among projects aimed at getting criminal minority youth back on the right track. Some are successful, some not, says criminologist Dirk Korf. He was commissioned by multicultural platform Forum to investigate 41 projects in 12 cities.

Limburgs Dagblad

"Refugees held unnecessarily long"

Dozens of refugees are being held in detention in the Netherlands for an unnecessarily long period, says professor of criminal and immigration law Anton van Kalmthout of the University of Tilburg.

Brain and Learning Centre at university

A new Knowledge and Research Centre on the Brain and Learning is to be established at the University of Maastricht (UM).

De Pers

Blunders during water crisis

Haarlem residents are angry at the poor communication regarding e-coli contamination of the city's drinking water.

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