Morning newspapers – 18 July 2007

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Telegraaf, Mandatory service is a success


Mandatory service is a success

The compulsory community service internship for Rotterdam secondary school drop outs under the age of 23 is a resounding success.

"Christians crucified in Iraq"

Christians in Iraq are in danger of being crucified. A parliamentary delegation was told this during a tour of the Middle East.


Women and children in danger held in cells

Women and children who are victims of domestic violence and have been threatened are sometimes forced to spend the night in police cells to ensure their safety. The public health ministry says this is necessary because women's shelters are often full or their location is known to those threatening the women.

Old hotels can be firetraps

The ministry of housing, spatial planning and the environment is warning hotel guests that older hotels may not be entirely fire safe. A random check at 12 hotels indicated that almost every hotel was lacking in some way.

de Volkskrant

High risk of Al Qaeda attack on US

The Al Qaeda terrorist network continues to pose a "constant and developing" threat, with plans to attack the US from Iraq or Pakistan, according to a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE).

Implementation of amnesty contested

State secretary for justice Nebahat Albayrak and the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) continue to disagree significantly on the implementation of the amnesty arrangement for asylums seekers who have exhausted the procedure.


Better manure processing boosts bio-industry

Bio-industry can expand considerably now that farmers are better able to process manure, Agriculture Minister Verburg says.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Only bank will value property in future

Brokers or buyers and sellers of real estate will not longer be able to commission valuations of properties in future. Only the mortgage-lending banks will be able to commission property valuations.

Barclays stingy with cash for ABN

Cash is king if Barclays wants to win over ABN Amro's shareholders. Will the British be generous enough? Anyone who reads the small print in the merger document between Barclays and ABN Amro can see they are as stingy as the Dutch.

Nederlands Dagblad

"Genocide starting in Iraq"

Christians are slowly becoming the victim of genocide in Iraq, according to the International Assyrian Press Agency AINA, which has documented 268 murders and crucifixions in the past four years.

Fraud with old PIN machines

One in ten shop owners has an outdated PIN machine in the shop which makes fraud with PIN numbers possible.

Dagblad De Pers

Unilever seems to be a thing of the past in the Netherlands

Unilever's international headquarters on the Weena in Rotterdam are steadily emptying out. Managers are being fired or transferred to London. Is this a sign of more drastic restructuring to come?

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