Morning newspapers – 17 July 2007

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Telegraaf, Fraud with house valuations costs millions


Fraud with house valuations costs millions

Fraud with house overvaluations costs the Homeowner's Guarantee Foundation (WEW) millions each year. People with an NHG mortgage indirectly foot the bill via their premiums.

Injured soldier missing lower leg

The defence department announced on Monday that 20-year-old infantry soldier Jaaike Brandsma from Almere, who was injured in an attack in Uruzgan last week, will have to live without her lower leg.


CIA watches over US soldiers at Nijmegen event

American security agents will be participating undercover in the Nijmegen four-day walking marathon. CIA personnel will be watching over US servicemen that are participating. The Netherlands is not pleased that they are breaking the rules by carrying weapons, sources at the justice department have told the AD.

Female ticket inspectors sexually intimidated

The Rotterdam transport company RET has been shaken by a sexual harassment scandal. At least four female ticket inspectors at the company have been tormented and sexually intimidated by male colleagues.

de Volkskrant

ABN judge works at Rabo Bank

"Lay judge" Evert Rongen, one of those involved in determining the Enterprise Chamber's verdict on the takeover battle surrounding ABN Amro, in daily life holds a supervisory position at the Rabo Bank Roermond.


KNMI warns of thunderstorms

The danger posed by thunderstorms is often underestimated. "It would be a good idea to get through to people how dangerous storms can be," says Harry Geurts of meteorological institute KNMI.

VVD wants stop to aid to Ethiopia

Ethiopia convicted 35 opposition leaders to life in prison on Monday. The Liberal VVD is urging that aid to Meles Zenawi's government be stopped.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Anxiety on the credit market

Investors are less and less interested in risky loans. ABN Amro and Citigroup were unable to push through a loan of EUR 1 billion to Dutch retail company Maxeda as a result.

Bank of China opens in Rotterdam

Bank of China, the second largest bank in the People's Republic of China, officially opened its first branch in the Netherlands on Monday, in a building on the Westblaak in Rotterdam.

Dagblad De Pers

Learn to live with the lightning

Thunder and lightning have plagued the Netherlands over the past few weeks. On Sunday a man died when struck by lightning on the beach in Texel. That was the second fatality in a short time.

Paul de Waard: "I want my own little life back"

He has no doubts: any decent guy should help a woman in need. Paul de Waard doesn't regret his actions last month despite being shot when trying to help a woman.

Nederlands Dagblad

Dentists' practices infected with Legionnaire's disease

One third of the Dutch dental practices are infected with the bacteria that causes legionnaire's disease. Certification company the Water Inspection Service reports this on the basis of spot checks.

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