Morning newspapers – 14 June 2007

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Telegraaf, Road pricing still a long way off


Road pricing still a long way off

Road pricing will probably only be introduced on national motorways during this cabinet term. Not until 2012 will the national road pricing scheme be introduced on all motorways. The prices charged will take into account the time and location driven as well as how environmentally friendly one's vehicle is.

Parliament wants official suspended

A majority in Parliament wants to know why Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin has not suspended a high ranking official in The Hague who is suspected of sexually abusing underage boys.


City councillors angry at lack of homes for rent and purchase

The housing market is deadlocked. But the cabinet has declared that even suggesting solutions is taboo. The large cities are extremely frustrated.

Vatican advises against donations to Amnesty International

The Vatican has called on Roman Catholics to refrain from donating money to Amnesty International because the organisation justifies abortion in some circumstances.


"Remove newborn from problem family"

A baby born to parents who have been previously found to pose a serious danger to their children should be removed from the family immediately after birth. This is the recommendation from Sjef van Gennip, director of Reclassering Nederland, the Netherlands Probation and Aftercare Foundation.

Customers rarely visit the bank

More than half of bank customers in the Netherlands never go to the bank branch office anymore or have any telephone contact. They do all their banking via the internet. This has emerged from a survey published today by Capgemini.

de Volkskrant

Abbas on the verge of surrendering Gaza

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is on the verge of surrendering the Gaza Strip. In a talk with Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen on Wednesday Abbas said he no longer had a handle on what was happening in Gaza.

Financieele Dagblad

Entrepreneurs critical of coalition's weak start

Business owners are sceptical about the current government. They think it will most likely fall before it completes its term and have given it a low score so far, according to a survey conducted by BNR News radio.

Lifting of delivery restrictions could save consumers 0.5 percent

Daily shopping could be half a percentage point cheaper if municipal  councils were to lift restrictions and allow supermarkets to receive deliveries at any time of day. Air quality would also be improved by 41 percent, says René Roorda, adjunct director of the umbrella organisation for supermarkets CBL.

Nederlands Dagblad

"Iron Rita" continues to hold VVD hostage

The Dekker report on what has gone wrong in the Liberal VVD over the past year can help the party be more successful in the next elections. But if the evaluation was aimed at putting an end to the power struggle between Mark Rutte and Rita Verdonk, then it has failed.

"Islam has made Christians more self aware"

Growing self awareness among Christians and appreciation for their role in society is due to Islam, Belgian Cardinal Danneels said in Utrecht on Wednesday.

Dagblad de Limburger

"Sex scandal investigation sabotaged"

A criminal investigation into the implication of high ranking officials in the sexual abuse of underage boys was presumably sabotaged by the upper echelons of the justice department at the end of the 1990s.

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