Morning newspapers – 14 February 2007

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All morning newspapers published the list of the new ministers and state secretaries.

All morning newspapers published the list of the new ministers and state secretaries.

AD/Haagsche Courant

Quicker access to risky operations

Terminal cancer patients will get a quicker go at risky but lifesaving operations. Until now, the outdated regulations in force stood in the way.

Suicide attack planned on Wilders

Geert Wilders, leader of the nationalist Party for Freedom, was allegedly threatened last week. Two men were reportedly planning to shoot Wilders and then drive a car loaded with five to six hundred kilograms of explosives into the centre of The Hague or Amsterdam. 

de Volkskrant

“They took Yildiz away from us”

La Nuit, the evening shop in Amsterdam Noord whose owner Erkan Yildiz was shot dead last Thursday, was surrounded by a crowd of mourners last night, Muharren Yildiz stood quietly in the back.


Less illegal adoption from China

The number of Chinese children adopted by the Dutch decreased dramatically last year. According to researcher Brian H. Stuy, this was due to the elimination of a large child-trafficking network in China.

Retirement homes gain in popularity

Precisely at a time when the government is reducing the number of places available at retirement homes, these institutions seem to be gaining in popularity among the elderly.

Heated debate on new learning

A heated debate between the supporters and the opponents of the so-called “new learning” methods employed at schools has been raging for at least a year. The opponents say the educational level has declined. The supporters say there is nothing wrong with the general level of education. Does “new learning” work or not?

Nederlands Dagblad

ChristenUnie annoyed at plans from gay rights movement

The leader of the Christian Union (ChristenUnie) André Rouvoet is going to confront the Centre for Culture and Leisure (COC), the organisation that advocates the rights of homosexuals, who say they plan to publish the names of all the civil affairs officials who refuse to marry gay couples.

Intelligent design not a solution for Ronald Plasterk

Intelligent Design, a compromise between the theories of creation and evolution, will very soon become unacceptable at the new Ministry of Education, Culture and Science under Minister Plasterk from the Labour Party (PvdA).

De Pers

KKK Back

The American Ku Klux Klan have found a new enemy to harass: the Mexicans. Earlier the Klan was known for lynching the Jews, the communists, the homosexuals and the Democrats.

Gay vs. Christian Again

They had been getting along so well, Christian Union (ChristenUnie) leader André Rouvoet and Frank van Dalen, the leader of gay rights group COC. At first glance a strange couple, but in their renewed conflict they are going to put gay emancipation on the map in The Hague again.

De Telegraaf

Dangerous gangster arrested

Amsterdam police have arrested a Colombian man accused of extremely dangerous robberies. Luis Eduardo A.M. (32) did not expect to be detained while preparing a new operation, a robbery at one of the capital’s jewellery stores.

Navy drug scan

The Royal Navy will use a new technique to scan for substance abusers onboard the ships and in barracks.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Zalm: No investigation into investment insurance

Minister of Finance Gerrit Zalm refuses to support the investigation into investment insurance practices suggested by the Verliespost organisation.
Zalm had promised the Parliament to support the investigation.

King of Slums Back

Controversial real estate trader Ronnie van de Putte will take the place of the former company Bever on the stock market. By using the stock market listing, Van der Putte can find quicker financing for his real estate projects .

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