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All the newspapers covered the family tragedy in Haarlem.

All the newspapers covered the family tragedy in Haarlem.

De Telegraaf

Purple cows, pizza from trees?

Children's understanding of nature and the environment is very poor at primary schools. More and more children think that spinach grows in green ice cubes and that cows are purple, like in the Milka chocolate commercials.

"Provencal climate for the Netherlands"

Cows will spend more time in the pastures, soy and sunflowers will soon be cultivated, and the fear for exotic diseases and animal plagues is on the rise. Scientists say the Dutch climate is becoming closer and closer to that of southern France.


GPs opposed to new abortion policy

Most GPs refuse to bring up the possibility of adoption with pregnant women who come to the practice wanting an abortion. The will not do this even if the government legally requires them to. This has emerged from a random survey by the AD.

DigiD easy to avoid

The tax authority may insist that "everyone" has to use the new digital identification method (DigiD) this year, but it will be relatively easy to avoid doing so for now. Anyone who gets help filling in their tax return does not have to use the code.

De Volkskrant

Reports on suicide lead to copycats

The media should be more reserved in reporting on suicide in order to avoid other suicides committed in imitation. Professor of suicide prevention Ad Kerkhof of the Free University (VU) Amsterdam says that there is often a copycat effect after these cases.


Youth social work has hands full with Slavic child gang

The children lie, are unmanageable and hold no identification papers. The Child Protection Council has its hands full with six extremely young foreign pickpockets.

Pimps flee to Belgium

The police in Amsterdam say that there are many Dutch prostitutes in Antwerp who are the victim of pimps. The faulty cooperation between the two countries makes it difficult to remedy the situation.


"Book week ball" tonight

Debut writer Sieger Sloot says he is very excited about tonight's ball, which opens the festivities for the annual "Book week." Poet and novelist Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer says that most writers in fact feign disinterest in the event.

Uruzgan no safer with new leader

It has been a year since Abdul Hakim Munib was appointed governor in Uruzgan, the Afghan province where the Dutch troops taking part in the NATO ISAF stabilisation force are stationed. Munib had to clean out a lot of corruption and improve administration and the police. It doesn't look as if his efforts have had much success however.

Nederlands Dagblad

Reservists wait for pay

Thousands of reservists, mostly from the navy, have been waiting months for their salary. The association of reserve officers KVNRO says that the defence department is also lagging behind in paying thousands of expense claims from reservists.

"Klink is right"

Public Health Minister Ab Klink stopped a campaign to promote organ donation last week because he thought the somewhat erotic photos in the campaign were at odds with the message of the campaign. Green-left GroenLinks faction leader Femke Halsema protested his decision, GroenLinks senator Van der Lans agrees with Klink's decision however.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Akzo Nobel surprises all with sale of Organon

Akzo Nobel has taken friend and enemy alike by surprise by selling pharmaceutical subsidiary Organon BioSciences rather than floating it on the stock market. The share price rose significantly after Schering-Plough announced a bid of EUR 11 billion.

Deloitte reprimanded for Ahold fraud in US

The Deloitte accountant that audited supermarket company Ahold's books has been reprimanded for "serious" shortcomings in his monitoring of Ahold subsidiary US Foodservices.

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