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De Volkskrant, Incapacity cases must be reviewed

De Volkskrant

Incapacity cases must be reviewed

The cases of all 30,000 workers with some degree of incapacity which the Central Appeals Tribunal says were incorrectly re-assessed since 2004 must once again be reviewed. A majority in Parliament of the Christian democrat CDA, Labour PvdA, Socialist SP and Green-left GroenLinks wants Social Affairs Minister Piet Hein Donner to reassess whether these people are entitled to higher benefits.
Building officials remanded in connection with fraud

Amsterdam police arrested two officials of the city's Building Inspection Department on Wednesday. Four employees of the real estate businesses Diacra Holding and ABVastgoed were also arrested. The police say the two officials helped the Amsterdam real estate companies to evade regulations governing demolition and construction.

NRC Next

Will there be jobs?

More and more students are following trendy programmes in secondary vocational education. Girls want to become hairdressers, boys want to become sports instructors. But will they all find jobs?

Assisted living opportunities

The cabinet wants more neighbourhoods to be "elderly-friendly" so that the elderly and disabled people can continue to live independently for longer. But this is difficult to put into practice.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Parliament wants to take action against aggressive shareholders

Parliament wants to rein in the power of aggressive shareholders. A majority supports banning "empty voting" – voting with borrowed shares.

Hedge fund threatens to take ABN Amro to court

Hedge fund TCI is threatening to take the board of commissioners at ABN Amro to court if they keep the door closed to merger candidates other than Barclays. Reliable sources say the commissioners have hired in commercial bank Goldman Sachs to advise them independently from the executive board of the bank.
De Telegraaf

Muslims pray to the west because of error

The police in The Hague may have caused Muslims to commit a terrible religious sin in their efforts to do Islamic detainees a service. The compasses painted on the ceilings of cells at the Segbroek police station point in the wrong direction.


Longer waits for driving tests

There has been an enormous increase in the waiting time for driving exams. Normally candidates have to wait eight weeks, that has increased to 18 weeks now.

Farmers watering crops

The persistent lack of rain is starting to cause problems throughout the country. Farmers have already started watering crops. That is usually not necessary until June or July.


Union accuses defence department of spying

An observation team of the Marechaussee has been following a first lieutenant who was a member of the motorcycle club the Black Sheep, which is a legal organisation.
Dutch woman seeks mayorship in Spain

The Spaniards didn't like the idea of a Dutch alderwoman, but they have no problem with it now that she has dual nationality. She now wants to become mayor.
Nederlands Dagblad

"Left-wing camouflages void by targeting Christians"

The left-wing in the Netherlands is venomously targeting officials who refuse to perform gay marriage and the waiting period for abortion. Writer Joost Zwagerman, a left-wing liberal, does not think the left should be focussing its efforts on these matters. "I'm embarrassed by the way the left-wing is making molehills into mountains."

De Pers

Porn parties every weekend

Some municipalities ban porn parties, as Parliament would like to see done everywhere. Other cities don't see the need. For the moment there are enough places where they are still permitted.

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