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Most newspapers covered the speed-skating medals won by the Dutch in the long distance races in the World Championships in Salt Lake City.

Most newspapers covered the speed-skating medals won by the Dutch in the long distance races in the World Championships in Salt Lake City.

De Telegraaf

Warmer weather, longer life

Although the population of the Netherlands is ageing quickly, the warmer weather will mean that far fewer people will die each year.

Bonaire refuses same-sex marriage

Benito Dirksz, political leader of Partido Pro Desaryo Boneiru (PRO), thinks that the government party UPB should demand a guarantee that the Dutch law on same-sex marriage will not come into effect on Bonaire.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Adviser clashes with DSM on dividend plan

ISS, international adviser to institutional investors and assets managers, has advised its clients to vote against the loyalty dividend that chemicals company DSM wants to introduce.

"Face book" of all 150 MPs

All 150 MPs show their true colours on a new website. Every "backbencher" is open about his opinions.


Sterilised rapists can be traced

A new DNA technique helps authorities track down rapists, even if their ejaculate contains no sperm because they have been sterilised.

NRC Next

I can't afford this

Ready to buy your first home? It isn't going to be easy. There are few homes on the market that are both attractive and affordable.

Discovery is best book

The discovery of heaven (1992) by Harry Mulisch was voted best Dutch book of all time. This was announced on the television programme De Avond van het boek 2007 on Sunday.


Damage claims against attackers

The police are stepping up actions against citizens who endanger police officers. Anyone who attacks a policeman will be immediately slapped with a damages claim.

"Motorists responsible for traffic plan failure"

The 80 km/hour zones on the motorways around the large cities have largely failed because of the driving behaviour of motorists. Drivers did not make enough use of the left lane and caused traffic congestion by stepping on the brake too much while merging.

de Volkskrant

Justice investigates call-in game shows

The public prosecution department is investigating whether the call-in game shows aired on the commercial channels every day are not in fact illegal gambling games. The investigation follows on two reports filed against providers of these game shows by the justice department.

Advertising code committee: schools may not "dress up" degree programmes

The committee responsible for a code of conduct in advertising says that the Hogeschool of Amsterdam is using misleading advertising. The college of higher education is advertising a "Fashion & Branding" degree programme on its website while in fact it is a study programme in technical commercial clothing manufacture.

Nederlands Dagblad

Dutch prostitutes in Belgium

Of the 561 prostitutes registered in Antwerp last year, 202 are of Dutch background.

Dagblad De Pers

Wilders gains in popularity

The Freedom Party would secure 17 seats if elections were held now, a poll this weekend indicated. At the same time Wilders is becoming increasingly isolated in the social debate.

Highly educated workers to retire later

The retirement age was increased to 67 in Germany. Dutch experts dispute whether this would be a good solution for the Netherlands.

Dagblad De Limburger

Commotion over tablet from Iraq

Amsterdam art dealer Mieke Zilverberg has been in the news because of a 4,000-year old Babylonian clay tablet that she put up for sale at the Tefaf art auction in Maastricht. Authorities in Baghdad say the item was stolen from Iraq.


Fatah supported with Dutch UN money

The Fatah-controlled Palestinian Presidential Guard will be getting more than 2 million euro in Dutch UN money for border patrol. Some 250 Fatah members have been undergoing training since last month as part of the OKarni project to guard the border near Karni.

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