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AD/Haagsche Courant, Hard campaign against beer halls

AD/Haagsche Courant

Hard campaign against beer halls

Private 'beer halls' that illegally sell alcohol will be targeted in a new crackdown. City councils and police will inspect the commercial premises, fine them and shut them down. The Netherlands has between 1,500 and 2,000 commercial 'drinking chains' that are set up in caravans, sheds and lounge rooms. They are considered illegal pubs, but city councils could not get the police to take action because they were on private ground. But municipalities will now carry out the inspections themselves.

De Volkskrant

Deportation at odds with ban on torture

The European Court of Human Rights issued a ruling on Thursday that might have far-reaching consequences for the expulsion of asylum seekers. The court said the Dutch state is in breach of the ban on torture if it deports a Somali to his country of origin. The man, Salah Sheekh, was about to be deported in 2004, but was allowed to wait for the ruling from the European court.


Study into alcohol and babies

Since 1 January, paediatricians have started registering all children born with foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). This national investigation is designed to reveal how often the complication occurs in the Netherlands. FAS is a combination of growth arrears, face abnormalities and learning difficulties caused by heavy alcohol use during pregnancy.

Rotterdam law students have poor language skills

Rotterdam law students have poor Dutch language skills. Almost half of the first year students fail a language exam.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Pension funs battle DNB over stiff fines

The pension funds ABP and PGGM are taking the Dutch central bank DNB to court in a bid to escape two fines. The two funds are alleged to have breached regulations in selling life insurance schemes.

Investors want mediator in Stork

Both investors Centaurus Capital and Paulson & Co along with the association of shareholders are urging for a mediator to be appointed to settle a dispute with Stork. Centaurus and Paulson are urging for Stork to be split up and have withdrawn their confidence in the board of commissioners. But the industrial conglomerate is resisting.

De Telegraaf

Angry reactions to Belgian tolls

The Dutch motorists association ANWB is taking its case to the European Commission to protest against Belgium's plan to introduce a roadway toll system. The ANWB said it is unacceptable that Dutch motorists will be obligated to carry a EUR 60 toll pass on their windscreens if they wish to drive on Belgian roads.

Insurance against aggression

Employers will in future be able to insure their staff against the consequences of violence. A special 'aggression policy' will pay money directly if workers suffer permanent injury through violence.

Nederlands Dagblad

Extra care for young veterans

To better service young veterans, the Veteran Institute (Veteraneninstituut) in Doorn established the organisation De Basis on Thursday. De Basis aims to improve the organisation of post-mission care for young soldiers.

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