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The death of the ex-Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is front page news with almost every morning newspaper.

The death of the ex-Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is front page news with almost every morning newspaper.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Big expansion in electricity link with Germany

Tennet, the administrator of the Dutch electricity network, will construct a new electricity bridge together with Germany's RWE. This will pave the way for increased imports of cheaper German electricity.

De Telegraaf

'Flappy ears' fear Christmas

With just two weeks to go before Christmas, stress is starting to climb among rabbit-loving Holland. Animal shelters are no longer giving any rabbits to the public and children's farms are taking preventative measures to ensure their fluffy animals make it to the New Year safe and well. It is feared that rabbits will be stolen to end up in the oven.


SOS over heel prick

Sick babies are at threat of preventable deaths or serious damage to their health, paediatricians have warned. The planned expansion of the heel prick — or PKU blood test — is scheduled to be implemented in a couple of week's time, but the project has developed into a shambles. From January, the heel prick is meant to be broadened so that it can test for 17 disorders compared with the current three.


Abortions for harelip

Dutch hospitals have carried out at least three abortions in recent years because the prospect of a baby with a small and treatable abnormality was unbearable for the parents. The AMC hospital in Amsterdam has performed two operations because of a harelip.

De Volkskrant

Blockade threatens Betuwelijn

The 37 municipalities along the Betuwelijn are threatening to blockade the introduction of services on the new freight rail route. The municipalities are concerned that the Betuwelijn still fails to meet safety requirements.

Nederlands Dagblad

CNV supporters sharpen wage demand

The members of trade union confederation CNV have followed the example set by the FNV confederation to raise their wage demand for 2007. In total, the biggest CNV union wants to obtain a maximum 3 percent wage rise in coming collective labour agreement CAO discussions.

Schools increasingly in court

The education system is susceptible to lawsuits, education lawyer Wilco Brussee said, stressing that schools are increasingly being summoned to court. A judge ruled last week that a primary school in Drachten was partly responsible for a pupil who was ran over by a bus after a swimming lesson.

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