Morning newspapers – 10 May 2007

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Trouw, FNV and union for the elderly join forces


FNV and union for the elderly join forces

Senior citizen union ANBO wants to join the FNV trade union confederation in order to better promote the rights of the elderly.

Minorities give generously

People of ethnic background donate almost EUR 200 million to charity. Most of these donations, EUR 150 million, go to their country of origin.


Increase in number of drink drivers

The number of people getting behind the wheel intoxicated has risen for the first time since 2000.

Cells for repeat offenders lie empty

About 350 of the 870 prison places specially set aside two years ago for the worst repeat offenders are still not occupied.

De Volkskrant

Significant decrease in euthanasia cases

The number of euthanasia cases has fallen sharply over the past few years. At the same time doctors have become more willing to report euthanasia cases.

ABP opposes appointment of Groenink at Shell

Pension fund ABP plans to vote against the appointment of Rijkman Groenink as a supervisory board member at energy company Shell. A memo with ABP's negative viewpoint was distributed to members of Euromedion, the sector organisation for institutional investors, this week.

De Telegraaf

Hospitality industry needs workers

The Dutch hospitality sector is desperately in need of personnel as the busy summer season begins. The sector needs at least 54,000 new workers immediately. The shortage comes to about 33 percent of the total number of jobs in the sector.

ABN Amro calls on retirees to help out

ABN Amro is calling on former employees to act as the bank's ambassadors in these unsettled times. About 9,000 retired workers can expect a letter from the bank soon. ABN Amro is at the centre of a takeover battle between British bank Barclays and a consortium of Bank of Scotland, Fortis and Santander.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Netherlands in top ten most competitive economies

For the first time since 2002 the Netherlands is back in the top ten of most competitive world economies. The Netherlands rose from 15th place last year to 8th this year on the annual ranking drawn up by the Swiss International Institute for Management Development (IMD) presented today.

Professional ban for defrauders criticised

The justice department's plan to impose a professional ban on businessmen convicted of fraud is coming upon criticism from lawyers and the judiciary. The measure reportedly does not have any deterrent effect.

De Pers

Crackdown on defaulters

People failing to pay their health insurance premiums still continue to receive their care allowance from the tax authority. Soon they can expect to have to deal with bailiffs.

ABN Amro appeals ruling

ABN Amro is appealing the ruling from the Enterprise Chamber of the court last Thursday. The bank announced this on Wednesday.

Nederlands Dagblad

Palliative sedation replacing euthanasia

The number of terminal patients that die after the administering of deep sleep-inducing medication has increased over the past years. At the same time the number of euthanasia cases has decreased.

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