Morning newspapers – 10 July 2007

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De Telegraaf, Numico directors profit from takeover

De Telegraaf

Numico directors profit from takeover

The directors at specialty food company Numico, best known for its Nutricia and Olvarit brands, will be pocketing at least EUR 150 million as the company is sold to French dessert giant Danone. Danone is paying EUR 12.3 billion for the company.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Danone reaches deep in pockets for Numico

French food company Danone is taking over Numico with a surprising bid of more than EUR 12 billion. That is 38 percent more than the baby food manufacturer was worth on the stock market on Friday. CEO Jan Bennink and his financial director Jean-Marc Huët will be resigning.

Rabo subsidiary dumps customers

Rabobank subsidiary Sarasin no longer wants to deal directly with most of its customers. Private individuals with assets less than a half million Swiss franc (EUR 300,000) will no longer be welcome at the Basel-based bank from next year.


Waterspout along Texel

A waterspout of about 20 metres across could be seen along the eastern side of Texel on Monday afternoon. Water spouts are funnel-shaped formations caused by rapidly rotating air movements that are sometimes visible under storm clouds at sea. 

de Volkskrant

CEO to profit from sale of Numico

The sale of baby food company Numico to French Danone which was announced on Monday will make Numico CEO Jan Bennink a very rich man. His current package of shares and options, which he plans to cash in, is worth about EUR 82 million, making him the best paid manager in the history of Dutch business.

Flying now climate neutral

110,000 Dutch flights were made climate neutral in 2007. Travellers compensate for their "dirty" flights by investing in environmental projects.


Bush sees support waning

President Bush is finding himself ever more alone in support for keeping US troops in Iraq. Even loyal republican allies are losing faith.

Albayrak and VNG agree on lists of illegal aliens

Municipalities will not be required to submit lists of illegal aliens to the justice department. The justice department and municipalities will review "on the local level" whether foreigners must be deported.

Nederlands Dagblad

Mayors not required to report illegals

Mayors will not be required to submit lists of rejected asylum seekers to state secretary for justice Albayrak. Municipalities may cooperate in other ways with the deportation of illegal aliens who are not eligible for amnesty.

"Link defence budget to NATO standard"

Defence Minister Eimert van Middelkoop has found little support for his proposal to link the defence budget to the national income. Even thought the Christian democrat CDA's scientific bureau came with the same advice in May.

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