Morning newspapers – 1 August 2007

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De Volkskrant, Betuwelijn still not in use

De Volkskrant

Betuwelijn still not in use

There have not been any commercial freight trains running on the Betuwe line for weeks. "Only test trains have been running," admits Keyrail, the company responsible for operating the rail connection which opened on 15 June. According to the plans, 24 trains should be using the tracks each day by now The construction of the freight rail line cost EUR 4.7 billion.

Parliament will not negotiate with Taliban

Parliament and the government will not negotiate with the Taliban if Dutch were to be kidnapped in Afghanistan. MPs talk of a "diabolic dilemma," but are unanimously in agreement with the government's uncompromising stance.


Young pigs die en route to southern Europe

Piglets being transported from the Netherlands to southern Europe regularly perish as a result of pain, thirst and hunger. They arrive at their destination in extremely poor condition.

Criticism of justice department regarding Serbian gunman

The justice department should have released photos of the criminal arrested on Monday, Jovica Trajkovic (57), much earlier. Then the gun-toting Serbian may have been arrested days earlier, says Tilburg criminal law professor Theo de Roos.


Fewer instances of trauma than initially thought

New research indicates that fewer soldiers are traumatised after deployment abroad than earlier tests concluded. Many of the problems faced by veterans stem from their personal relationships.

Koenders could have paid less for Schokland event

Development Cooperation Minister Koenders could have spent EUR 200,000 less on the organisation of the Schokland event, which focused attention on the "millennium goals."

De Pers

Left-handed people more often schizophrenic

British scientists have discovered the gene that causes left-handedness and dubbed it LRRTM1. The researchers think the gene might also offer new insight into schizophrenia. They suspect a link between the disease and the presence of the gene.

Nederlands Dagblad

Dutch nationals in aliens detention

Dutch people who refuse to identify themselves risk being taken into aliens detention. The justice department hopes this will force suspects to give their identity.

Bluetongue expected to spread further

Bluetongue, a virus that affects ruminants, has surfaced earlier than usual this year because the weather has been ideal for the midges that spread the virus.

De Telegraaf

Mobile internet use costs a pretty penny

State secretary for economic affairs Heemskerk must take action against bad business practices by providers of mobile internet, the Consumer Union said on Tuesday. The union says that telecom companies do too little to point out the high costs of using internet on their mobile phones while abroad, for sending emails with photos while on holiday for instance.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Bovag gives Cramer ultimatum

New environmental legislation threatens to saddle businesses with all sorts of additional costs. Minister for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment Jacqueline Cramer must make her plans clear by noon on 31 August at the latest, according to a letter that Bovag sent to the minister and Parliament.

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