More shops and offices are empty

24th June 2014, Comments 3 comments

The number of empty shops and offices in the Netherlands grew further last year, with the vacancy rate increasing by one percentage point, according to the Dutch environmental assessment agency.

Some 17 percent of offices and 9 percent of shops are now empty, the PBL said on Tuesday.

More than 50 percent of the offices have been empty for at least three years, as have over one third of the shops.

The economic crisis and structural changes are having an impact on the vacancy rates, the CBL said.

The increasing use of IT – online shopping and teleworking – will lead to a structural reduction in depand for office and shop space.

Some 20 percent of new retail space is empty but most new offices are let as developers have become more choosy about what they build.



3 Comments To This Article

  • carrico posted:

    on 25th June 2014, 01:43:01 - Reply

    Or, Jeanette, simply invite the squatters in.
  • elvis posted:

    on 24th June 2014, 21:43:28 - Reply

    for me it is good news. the dutch only learn realities the hard way.
  • Jeanette posted:

    on 24th June 2014, 15:56:34 - Reply

    In the office park where I work, there are huge building totally empty. Our company rents 2 floors in an 8 floor building. The rest are empty. They keep on building though and the buildings stay empty.Change them to apartments and rent them!!!