More budget leaks: economic growth to hit 1.25 pc next year

More budget leaks: economic growth to hit 1.25 pc next year

12th September 2014, Comments 3 comments

More details of next week’s budget have been leaked, this time to public broadcaster Nos.

This time the information comes from the traditional macro-economic report MVV, which is drawn up by the government’s economic think tank CPB.

The MVV states that unemployment will drop to 605,000 next year, down from the current figure of around 650,000, Nos reports.

Spending power

The economy will grow by 1.25 percent next year and most people will have more to spend, following five years of shrinking spending power.

The report also says the budget deficit will drop to 2.2 percent, well below the eurozone’s limit of 3 percent. This is in line with the CPB’s August estimates.

All MPs will be given a copy of all the relevant budget documents on a usb stick later today but are supposed to keep the information to themselves until the formal presentation next week.

There have been a string of leaks already.

Opposition MPs yesterday failed in their legal campaign to have all the documents published in advance of Tuesday's formal presentation.



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