Money allocated for obligatory language lessons

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What is said and how it is said requires good language skills for integration

3 November 2006
THE HAGUE - CDA-party chairperson Maxime Verhagen is also glad that PvdA-leader Wouter Bos pleads that parents of children who are behind in their language skills be obliged to take language lessons.

He reminded on Friday that the PvdA resisted the integration law against this obligation for old-comers, or people of foreign origin who are already living longer in our country. Moreover the PvdA have allocated no money for this but the CDA has, according to Verhagen.

He said himself to be surprised at the reactions earlier this week concerning the imam who had spoken hate sowing texts concerning Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In the past the CDA as a result of similar occurrences came with the proposal to make this a punishable offence, but the VVD and PvdA gave no agreement.

Verhagen indicated that the CDA found no support from PvdA and VVD to remove hate spewing imams from their profession. Also a proposal from the former CDA-minister Donner (Justice) did not obtain it. For PvdA and VVD obviously the freedom of expression is more important, in the opinion of Verhagen.

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