'Mixed marriages don't lead to greater integration'

'Mixed marriages don't lead to greater integration'

7th October 2014, Comments 3 comments

A recent report has found that mixed marriages between native Dutch and those with foreign origins does not increase integration.

Mixed marriages between native white Dutch and people with certain foreign origins do not lead to ‘better integration of minority groups’ such asTurkish or Moroccan, according to an Amsterdam university researcher.

People who marry someone from a different background often find themselves distanced from roots instead, researcher Leen Sterckx concludes in her doctoral thesis, as quoted in the Volkskrant.

‘It is a false hope to think mixed marriages bring different groups in the population closer together,’ she told the Volkskrant on Tuesday.

‘A mixed marriage rarely leads to emotional ties between the two partners’ families and friends.’

Sterckx bases her research on the experiences of 28 couples she has been following for 10 years plus their families and friends.

Some 8 percent of people with a Turkish or Moroccan background marry a native Dutch person.


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  • Gladys posted:

    on 8th October 2014, 22:04:34 - Reply

    Ditto CMeca! And I never cease being an Indian even though I am a Dutch citizen for 5 yrs and am ingeburgerd as one can be. I live here 9 years. Integration, my foot. Polarization is more like it - Everywhere you go, to the crèche with your 'beautiful' mixed child, consultatie bureau, you name it. Everything begins or ends at my being different and thus....leading to some imaginary problem. Someone needs to write a myth-buster book on the Dutch 'tolerantie'. Passive-aggressive is more like it. And they can spit fire at the drop of a hat!!! Plus everybody has an opinion and no one ever taught them to keep it to themselves!! I was recently compared to African mothers, do they even know how far Africa is from South Asia??? Just because they take long (and cheap) holidays everywhere, they think they know all about the world. Media only portrays stereotypes and glorifies Dutch values, generosity and lifestyle all over the place. [Edited by moderator]
  • CMeca posted:

    on 8th October 2014, 13:49:07 - Reply

    Not surprised! Though the comments above sound a bit harsh, they translate quite reasonably the feeling I had after 12 years living in the NL. Being married to a Dutch national, having the same level of (academic) education as him and his friends/family, having a good job, speaking the language fluently, didn´t avoid always being "the Portuguese" and occasionally even be compared to other (non-european!) minorities.
  • BlahdeBlah posted:

    on 8th October 2014, 02:02:23 - Reply

    This so-called "research" based on a numerical sample that wouldn't be considered as being statistically valid in a country which actually has scientific standards. Of course it will probably be cited endlessly by Dutch people and politicians in order to justify opinions that have more to do with eugenics than anything else.

    Of course, why would you want to "integrate" in a country with no morals, no ethics, no values,passive-aggressive tendencies, no relevance, a hugely overinflated sense of its presence in the world and xenophobic reflexes that blame everything on foreigners?

    the natural assumption of many people is that the more you know a society, the more you'll like it. In NL, it's the opposite. The more you know, the more you loathe it and want nothing to do with it.