Minorities bring out own pamphlet

3rd January 2008, Comments 0 comments

A number of Muslim organisations have published their response to a call for “tolerance and respect” in Trouw on Wednesday.

3 January 2008

RIJSWIJK – A number of Muslim organisations published their own pamphlet in newspaper Trouw on Thursday. In the reaction, organisations like the Contact Organisation for Muslims and the State (CMO), the Dutch Muslim Council, and the Council of Moroccan Mosques voice their support for the call for tolerance and respect published in Trouw by 58 prominent Dutch on Wednesday.

Abdelmajid Khairoun, chairman of the Dutch Muslim Council, says the organisations want to show that “we are not spectators, but a club of minorities that are coming into action.” The pamphlet from the Muslims is titled “2008, without fear for the other.”

In the pamphlet the representatives of minorities describe what it is like to be backed into a corner time after time. “We see that there are people who fear the other because of their background, gender, religion or sexual orientation.”

They also write that more than ever they must address the youth that cause disturbances. “Not only the youth but also their parents must take up their responsibility.” The authors of the pamphlet also feel that ethnic minorities have a duty to stand up for other minorities: Jews, Muslims and people who have different opinions from their own. They also take a stand against discrimination on the labour market and in nightlife.

“Terpstra’s pamphlet is a great gesture of support. It seems that the tolerance of the 1970s may be returning in the Netherlands,” says Khairoun. He says that at least 90 people have signed the appeal, including a number of prominent Turks, Surinamese, Moroccans and Shi’ites.

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