Mind your step … in Arnhem

9th May 2008, Comments 0 comments

Three couples have fallen into a big hole in the pavement of a riverfront promenade in Arnhem.

9 May 2008

ARNHEM - De Telegraaf newspaper has a picture of passers-by looking at a big hole in the pavement on a riverfront promenade in the town of Arnhem.

On Tuesday night, a Dutch couple had the fright of their lives when they went straight through the pavement and made a two-metre fall.

The couple remained unharmed, but, according to De Telegraaf, this was the third time a couple fell through the pavement in just a few years time.

The town council has announced it will launch an investigation, but said that, regardless of the outcome, it will take some time before the riverside promenade is renovated because it forms part of a bigger plan which includes a new river port.

A spokesperson said that in the mean time, "The council will keep a close eye on the safety of the promenade via inspections and take measures where necessary."

[Radio Netherlands / Georg Schreuder Hes / Flickr contributor Remko van Dokkum/ Expatica]

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