Make way, Facebook, for Social Control

1st April 2009, Comments 0 comments

Offering 50 dollars for every new member, a new social networking site claims it can be Facebook, Amazon and eBay rolled into one.

A new social networking site, Social Control, is aiming to take advantage of the flak recently being aimed at Facebook and similar sites. Many users of Facebook and Twitter are railing against the reality: these sites have to make money somehow. SocCon, its diminutive nickname, has taken the unusual step of offering every new member a 50 dollar voucher to spend on Amazon, eBay or in their own e-shop which sells everything from socks to poster art.

External relations Manager John Higgins said, “If you want to stand out in the e-marketplace, you have to do something different. SocCon in time will be a combination of Facebook, Amazon and eBay, basically it will be the internet one-stop shop – in every sense.”

Members will be able to open up their personal e-shop and sell their wares, from antique vinyl records to a second-hand ladder. Current users appear happy with the new service. Eva Henger from the Czech republic has only started using the service and she already has over 300 friends. “I only managed to get 85 friends on Facebook, after two years!” And what did she do with her 50 dollar voucher. “I bought perfume, not the most expensive but still!”

SocCon may have a very short shelf life if Facebook’s legal action in the US for plagiarism is successful.

Soc con logo, copyright Social Content

“You only have to look at their logo to see their intentions,” says Facebook’s Hilda Greenchild. “You would have thought they would have been a little bit more inventive.”

Higgins responded, “What? Facebook has the copyright on the colour blue now?”


The gloves are clearly off.


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