Majority Wilders voters oppose budget cuts

11th December 2011, Comments 0 comments

Three quarters of those who voted for populist MP Geert Wilders don’t want his Freedom Party to support any further budget cuts, a national survey suggests.

In response to the deepening crisis, the government led by conservative Prime Minister Mark Rutte wants to introduce additional budget cuts worth at least five billion euros. But the minority cabinet, comprising the pro-business VVD party and the Christian Democrats, depends on Mr Wilders’ Freedom Party to push its plans through parliament.

All voters, moreover, whatever their political stripe, are strongly against raising health insurance deductibles. Cutbacks in development aid, culture and civil servants meet with less resistance among voters, the weekly poll by Maurice de Hond suggests.

The Freedom Party favours a drastic reduction in development aid. Just four percent of Freedom Party voters reject that option, according to the poll. Among Christian Democrats, around 20 percent oppose slashing development aid. The Christian Democrat parliamentary party has indicated it opposes doing so.


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