MPs kick colleague out of Caribbean delegation

10th January 2009, Comments 0 comments

Dutch MPs, holding talks in Aruba with their counterparts from the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, have ejected their right-wing Freedom Party colleague Hero Brinkman from the delegation.

ARUBA - Shortly before the conclusion of the conference, Mr Brinkman was asked to leave the Aruban parliament building after he launched a tirade against the Aruban delegation and government, and called the Aruban justice minister Rudy Croes a liar.

They said his presence had become unworkable.

At the moment, Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles are separate autonomous regions within the kingdom of the Netherlands, enjoying different degrees of self-government.

The Dutch MPs and their Antillean and Aruban counterparts were meeting to discussing future state reforms in the Caribbean islands.

Before the start of the talks Mr Brinkman told US news channel Fox News that the Antilles was as "corrupt as hell".

His fellow Dutch delegates issued a statement stressing they did not share his views.

Mr Brinkman's comments caused the discussions to be strained, with Wednesday's session being delayed, and Thursday's being suspended for a number of hours.

The Dutch government is considering introducing registration for Caribbean youths who emigrate to the Netherlands and repeatedly get into trouble with the police.

During a debate on the issue, Mr Brinkman accused the Antilles and Aruba of "sending your rubbish to the Netherlands".

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