MP: Dutch Roma could also be deported

21st September 2010, Comments 1 comment


Following the commotion in France after hundreds of Roma have been put on planes and ‘repatriated’ to Romania and Bulgaria where many originally come from, Christian Democrat MP Mirjam Sterk has said Roma should be deported from the Netherlands reports daily .

Roma in the Netherlands are shocked by the news according to the paper and fear mass deportations like the ones we have seen in France recently.

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy has taken a hard stand against Roma in his country because of alleged nuisance caused by this population group. Roma camps have been dismantled and the people have been put on planes to Romania and Bulgaria. As a result, he has received fierce criticism from the international community.

In , Ms Sterk says, “This group causes a lot of nuisance in many Dutch towns. I can imagine they would rather get rid of them. If these people are not employed, sending them back is a good instrument.”

After 2014, Roma are no longer required to have a work permit to live and work in the Netherlands, which the Christian Democrats see as a reason to resolve the situation before this happens.

A spokesperson for the national Roma platform told the paper she is confounded by the news and had not expected such a stance from a Christian party.


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  • Michael Nemec posted:

    on 4th October 2010, 10:18:56 - Reply

    Repatriating Romas when they do not positively contribute to the society is a sound idea. This ethnic group has aversion to rules and work. I have lived alongside of them and worked with some of them. Originally, I come from a country where these people are rampant, and the city of my birth has been inundated by them. They a burden on society and they expect to be looked after without returning anything back. No society can afford that if such population is so prolific as Romas. One only has to look at their lifestyle and their surroundings, e.g. Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc. It is not the fault of the governments of these countries but of the Romas themselves.