Logical for train fares to rise faster than car costs

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Public transport organisation River says it is not surprising that public transport fares have risen faster than the cost of running a car since 2000.

THE NETHERLANDS – Public transport organisation Rover will not be acting on the rapid rising cost of public transport over owning a car.

Figures released by Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) last Wednesday revealed that public transport fares have increased by 37 percent while the cost of owning a car has risen by 18 percent since 2000.

However, in an interview with Metro, Rover spokesperson Aldo Marcus said these statistics are not surprising and the rise in public transport cost is only logical.

“Without money, trains will not be able to run and public transport would not be efficient,” said Marcus who has yet to see the full report.

He added the comparison may have been made between the cheapest car available and the most expensive form of public transport.

“I have not seen the full report… but what I am afraid of is that the cheapest cars are being compared to the most expensive form of public transport.”

The rise in public transport has been denied by the ministry of transport, public works and water management.

“It is logical that transport costs for development are being added and that is different from the cost of owning a car,” said a ministry’s spokesperson.

All forms of public transport have seen a rise in fares. In January fares rose by 3.5 percent, the biggest increase in five years.

Of all expenses for motorists, parking fees have risen the most rapidly, with a 62 percent hike.

A report by Radio Netherlands reveals that Dutch people still spend 11 times more on their cars than they do on public transport.

Noor Hokstam / Expatica

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