Local elections: Labour targets coalition partner and D66

17th February 2014, Comments 1 comment

Labour party leader Diederik Samsom on Sunday attacked both his coalition government partner VVD and the Liberal democratic party D66 as the local election campaign continues to pick up pace.

Speaking after the end of Labour’s congress in Amsterdam, Samsom said the centre of the Dutch capital will only be accessible to people with money if the VVD and D66 have their way.

Opinion polls show D66 is challenging Labour in Amsterdam, which has been the biggest party in the city for decades. Labour is currently in a coalition in the city with the VVD and left-wing greens GroenLinks.

Samsom also said he is not concerned by opinion polls which show support for his party and the VVD has plummeted since the general election of 2012.

'Many voters have still not made up their minds who to vote for,' he said, adding that national polls do not reflect the local situation.

The local elections take place on March 19.

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  • HTD posted:

    on 17th February 2014, 14:16:27 - Reply

    Samson's in a serious state of denial, if he thinks that the electorate will anytime soon forgive him and the PvdA for snuggling up so closely with the fully, anti-socia, austerity policies of the VVD.
    The best thing that Samson could do for the PvdA would be to resign ASAP.