Lloyd's refuses to pay out on Van Gogh's insurance

26th March 2008, Comments 0 comments

Late filmmaker's business partner says a life insurance policy has not been paid out.

26 March 2008

AMSTERDAM - Lloyd's refuses to pay out the insurance money from a life insurance policy opened by Theo van Gogh. The late filmmaker's friend and business partner Gijs van de Westelaken has said this in De Pers.

Van Gogh and Van de Westelaken reportedly opened a policy with the British insurer for EUR 1 million if something should happen to one of the business partners.

The money would be used to keep production company Column Film running.

Van de Westelaken says Lloyd's is of the opinion that Van Gogh was the victim of a terrorist attack, which is not covered by the policy.

Lloyd's did not want to comment on the article on Tuesday night.

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