Limit also for salaries in Dutch broadcasting

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SP to propose limits on broadcasting salaries paid from public funds; no exodus is feared.

27 October 2006

AMSTERDAM - The standard that people earn who are paid from public money must be no more than that of the Prime Minister and must also apply to the public broadcasting. This will be proposed by the SP on Monday at the treatment of the media budget in the second chamber of the Parliament.

“A considerable number of announcers, D.J.’s and managers now earn more than the Minister-President, explained SP-parliamentary party member Fenna Vergeer.
We have agreed that people in public fuctions in civil service and especially people who are paid with public money no longer deserve to be paid more than the Prime Minister. Why should that for example not also apply to television presenters?’

The money that is saved with this measure must, according to Vergeer, go to programmes, but especially will also be applied to give other broadcasting staff,
such as camera people and editors fixed contracts. They generally have short-term contracts, poor labour agreements and as a result, little employment security.

Vergeer is not frightened for an exodus of prominent people from the public broadcasting.  “At the public broadcasting a lot of people work there because they have a passion for their profession, which does not easily make them walk away. People who want to fill their pockets must search for their salvation elsewhere, we do not pay taxes for that. There is already enough talent ready to take over their places.”

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