Learning Dutch: The power of Dutch brainwashing to boost your Dutch

Learning Dutch: The power of Dutch brainwashing to boost your Dutch

9th February 2015, Comments 0 comments

Albert Both explains an easy new way to learn Dutch. [Contributed by Talencoach]

Have you already tried several things to bring your Dutch to a higher level but you have only enjoyed limited success when it comes to speaking Dutch? Then a new way of learning – the Dutch Brainwash – may be the solution for you. Within seven days you will learn how to think in new ways so that speaking and understanding Dutch is a lot easier and absolutely doable!

The Dutch brainwash is completely different from other language courses. It contains many elements from NLP, Accelerated Learning and also coaching. With a system that is relatively simple, you will quickly discover how you can put together thousands of sentences with absolute ease and that expanding your vocabulary fast is fun and easy. The great thing is that it has nothing to do with harsh study. The secret is that while being totally relaxed, you use some structured and logical thinking, combined with imaginative association techniques while having loads of fun! Thanks to the highly visual aspect of the programme, many things that looked complex and difficult at first will now look easy.

Another important factor is that during the immersion, you will be allowed to speak English as well. Contrary to what you may think, seeing the connections and differences between Dutch and English will help you to learn a lot faster. Instead of simply feeling overwhelmed and missing out on many things, you will have total clarity all the time, which promotes faster learning.

The concept of the Dutch Brainwash is quite unique. For seven days you will constantly enjoy the interaction with other people and you will have the constant attention of a passionate language coach. You do not have to spend time all by yourself in a language lab. It rather feels like chatting with some now friends, but now you learn many things in Dutch.

Many people have already been ‘Dutch brainwashed’. The special programme is most effective for people that have some knowledge or familiarity with Dutch already.

The Dutch Brainwash takes places in Amsterdam, more or less every month. If you like this idea then check the website http://www.talencoach.nl where you can also find some more information about a free workshop and a free eBook Why You Hate Learning Dutch and 7 Secrets to Change It.

The next course of Dutch Brainwash starts March 7 2015, and April 4, Easter 2015.

Written by Albert Both.

Contributed by Talencoach.


For more information: two free ebooks – Why You Hate Learning Dutch and & Secrets To Change It and Don’t Worry Speak Dutch.