Largest painting in Europe digitized

3rd March 2009, Comments 0 comments

Panorama Mesdag is being painstakingly photographed in 10,000 high resolution images.

THE HAGUE—Panorama Mesdag, the largest painting in Europe, will soon be available digitally in high resolution.

Every brush stroke of the 120 meter long, 14 meter high painting will be photographed. Using a specially designed tripod, 10,000 photos will be made in unusually high resolution.

A hydraulic lift will be used in order to better capture every detail.

According to the museum Panorama Mesdag in The Hague, the project, that began Monday, will offer unprecedented opportunities for study and restoration projects.

The painting is a 360 degree depitction of the North Sea, the dunes, The Hague, and Scheveningen. It was painted in 1881 by Hendrik Willem Mesdag and his wife Sientje.

The Dutch painters De Bock, Breitner and Blommers also worked on the cylinder-shaped canvas.

It was painted within four months, and it’s the oldest panorama painting in the world still hanging in its place of origin, according to the museum.

Vincent van Gogh apparently said of the painting, "Panorama Mesdag has only one flaw, and that is that it has no flaws."

Radio Netherlands/ANP/Lila Lundquist/Expatica

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