Labour and D66 support soft drug tolerance

9th November 2008, Comments 0 comments

The Dutch Labour Party and the democratic D66 are not in favour of scrapping tolerant soft drug policies.

9  November 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Responding to the view of Christian Democrat chairman Peter van Geel that the time has come to end the soft drugs policy, they say they fear an increase in crime if the tolerant regime ends.

Mr van Geel says the romantic image of people smoking home-grown joints is a thing of the past.

According to him soft drugs are produced by hardened criminals. 

He is supported by the Christian Union, which has never supported the tolerance of soft drugs.

In Maastricht however, the Christian Democrat mayor Gerd Leers wants the government to continue monitoring soft drugs policies. 

He points out that repressive policies such as those in Belgium and France fail to address the problems caused by drugs in those countries. 

He would also like to see the matter discussed at the international level.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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