Labour MP to vote against purchase of joint strike fighter

19th November 2013, Comments 0 comments

Labour MP Lutz Jacobi will on Tuesday vote against the purchase of the JSF jet fighter when a motion comes before parliament later on Tuesday.

Earlier in November the Labour party gave the green light for the purchase of the JSF, although it asked for additional guarantees.

However, the Frisian MP is still concerned about noise pollution and the financial effects of the JSF and will vote for a motion put forward by the Liberal democrat party D66 to postpone the purchase.

Jacobi is not only an MP but was voted in as a council member in Leeuwarden during the local elections last week. The JSF's will be stationed near Leeuwarden, at the base which is host to its predecessor, the F-16.

'The JSF may not be louder than the F-16,' she told the press. 'Investigations have shown that it is 23 decibels louder. If a new, independent investigation shows the JSF creates more noise, then we must not buy it.'

The government said in September it would buy 37 JSF jets at a cost of €4.5bn when Labour ministers, who opposed the purchase for 18 years, said they would support the plan.

Jacobi says she will stick to her demand for further investigation into noise pollution and the financial consequences of buying the jet fighter, but she will not attack her party.


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