Kesler: WK-critics are dried up Calvinists

13th August 2010, Comments 0 comments


Professional Football Director Henk Kesler from the Royal Dutch Football Union says the people who criticise the joint Dutch-Belgian bid for the 2018 World Cup are dried up Calvinists.

He made his statement in an interview with the newspaper de Volkskrant. “We are always very good at coming up with reasons why something is not possible”. Mr Kesler pointed to comments made earlier by Christian democratic MP Joop Atsma about Germany which hosted the World Cup in 2006: “Did the German government make all kinds of concessions to the FIFA? No, it took place in accordance with German law and the FIFA rules. However, we the Dutch are a little bit a people of dried up Calvinists. At least, a number of dried up Calvinists who always know better. That is a spirit of the age that if find pernicious.  



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