KLM turns away Geert Wilders

18th February 2008, Comments 2 comments

Airline KLM refused to take Geert Wilders on a flight to Moscow on Monday morning.

18 February 2008

SCHIPHOL - Airline KLM refused to take Geert Wilders on a flight to Moscow on Monday morning because of problems with the Freedom Party (PVV) leader's security.
After consultation the delegation of which Wilders was a part departed for Russia without him. KLM says that the MP had "specific requests regarding his security." Since these requests had not been submitted to the airline in advance, they could not be met, a spokesperson said.

Wilders denies this vehemently. "There were absolutely no extra requests made. This trip was prepared and they knew I was coming."

The parliamentary foreign affairs committee travelled to Moscow on Monday for a working visit. Wilders serves on this committee but had to return home after being refused for the flight. "Unbelievable," the politician said.

Wilders will most likely be able to travel to Moscow sometime later today. Speaker of Parliament Gerdi Verbeet said on Monday she regretted that Wilders had been restricted in his work as MP because of security measures.

Verbeet said everything would be done to make sure Wilders was able to visit Moscow.

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  • Jonmac posted:

    on 22nd February 2008, 09:40:11 - Reply

    Flying is the pits - it is not fun anymore what with ALL this security - having to practically strip naked before you can walk through. There has to be a better way!
  • Johnny Canuck posted:

    on 18th February 2008, 19:40:12 - Reply

    KLM "was" the only airline I ever used to fly to Europe and elsewhere, no longer. I will never use KLM again.