Join our Olympic poetry contest

Join our Olympic poetry contest

21st May 2008, Comments 0 comments

Always wanted to write poetry or travel to China?

Now you have the chance to do both if you win this year's Olympic poetry competition, launched by Radio Netherlands Worldwide and our partner station in the most densely populated province of China, Henan People's Radio.

Even if you are not a sports fan the Olympic Games is something that stirs the soul - the world's nations come together in peace and compete. The contest is fierce in the all-out bid for glory, but despite this the end result is unity; unity in the nobility of striving for perfection.
The run-up to the Games in China has been controversial but what about the original picture? What does it mean to you? Do you have the guts and the passion to put that meaning on paper, in a poem?

So take the plunge, make your own Olympic splash. Poems should be no more than 400 words, they can be shorter, and should focus on the spirit of sport and the Olympics, combining things such as grace and athletic prowess and the idea of how you strive for perfection.

The winner will get an all expenses paid trip from Amsterdam to Henan Province in China where a guide will show them the delights of the province.
Henan People's Radio will be launching the same competition on their websites and radio channels and once the entries are in we will make a joint programme in English and Chinese broadcasting the best poems. The top five in Chinese and English will be translated, for both stations, and we will make a special joint broadcast on the eve of the Olympics.
The rules:
Entries must be received by June 30; otherwise they will not be valid. Entries can be sent via email or in writing. Via email to or to Poetry Competition, English Department, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Witte Kruislaan 55, P.O. Box 222, 1200 JG, Hilversum, The Netherlands.

The best five poems received by Radio Netherlands Worldwide and by Henan People's Radio will be published on each other's websites and included in a special joint radio programme. Each side would then choose a winner from it's top five.

The winner from each side plus their spouse/partner will then be invited to the other radio station's country for a five-day tour.

The prize will include flights, accommodation and tours. Radio Netherlands Worldwide will pay for flights from Amsterdam.

The four runners-up from each side will also receive prizes of unique music productions from both Radio Netherlands Worldwide and Henan People's Radio, plus a commemorative CD of the programme featuring their poem.

Entries should focus on the spirit of sport and the Olympics. The focus is on sport and human achievement, the Olympic ideal.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide reserves the right to exclude entries it considers to be invalid.

 21 May 2008

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