Jail sentences for Dutch Uighur protesters

9th July 2009, Comments 1 comment

Four protesters have been sentenced following Monday's demonstration against the Chinese embassy in the Hague.

The Hague – Four Uighur detainees were sentenced Thursday following a violent demonstration against the Chinese embassy in The Hague.

The protesters have received an unconditional one week prison term, public broadcaster NOS reported.

The detainees, 14 in total, were tried in two groups of seven for violence against people and property.

Spokeswoman Marianne Goet said three more would stand trial at a later date, while prosecutors were still studying the cases of 15 other demonstrators.

A total of 142 people were arrested at Monday's protest when rocks and cobble stones were hurled over the walls around the embassy building and several windows were broken.

The demonstrators brandished flags and banners reading "Chinese go back to China" and shouted "Terrorist China" when being whisked away by police cars and buses to the main police station.

The consular section of the embassy was closed to the public on Tuesday, while China called on the Netherlands to protect its citizens.

Foreign minister Maxime Verhagen has apologised to the Chinese representative in The Hague for the damage caused, and promised that the Dutch government will pay for the necessary repairs.

He emphasised that the right to protest is enshrined in the Dutch constitution, but he condemned the violence.

Protests continued Wednesday as dozens of people demonstrated at the Dam Square in the centre of Amsterdam in support of the Uighur minority in western China.

The police estimated that around 50 people attended that protest, which remained peaceful.

Monday's protests in The Hague mark the second time in two years that the Chinese embassy in was attacked by anti-Beijing protesters.

The last time the embassy was attacked was March 2008 during a pro-Tibet protest.

AFP / Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • kalibaba, california, us posted:

    on 9th July 2009, 17:15:35 - Reply

    Chinese Americans do not have any sympathy to "mother mulah" Kadeer or any of her uighurs carzy muslim nuts -- they should all rot in jail holes. the majority of Chinese Americans do not have ill wishes towards either China - our ancestors' home land or Chinese people -- our brothers and sisters by blood. China has Chinese Americans' full support!

    China should and will rule these crazy uighurs thugs by "blood and iron". As a Chinese, I am really proud of the bloody blow Chinese government has dealt to these uighurs thugs.

    Chinese leaders should follow the footsteps of Bismarck - China " must collect and keep its strength for the right moment, which has been missed several times already"; China's "frontiers ?. are not conducive to a healthy national life; it is not by means of speeches and majority resolutions that the great issues of the day will be decided-that was the great mistake ?.-but by blood and iron"!

    in Just one night - 2000 crazy muslim nuts/uighurs seperatists rioters and 140 shot dead and 1400 arrests and 800 casualties - wow! That will surely teach those uighurs mulah nuts and tibetan monks a serious lesson - do not ever mess with CHINESE!

    the extraordinary harshness and swiftness of the crack down and the promptness the government handled it and anounced it tells the world loud and clear - the Chinese Nation bears absolutely no mercy towards seperation by any minorities. China has Chinese Americans' full support!