It's.... a python in the toilet bowl

It's.... a python in the toilet bowl

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It's.... a python in the toilet bowl

A tourist got the shock of her life when she discovered a two-and-a-half metre python in the toilet of her Dutch hotel room.
It happened before: web photo posted after python was found in New York toilet, 2007
Once she had recovered from the fright, she did what anyone would do and rang reception. The hotel in the southern Dutch town of Maastricht sent several members of staff up to the room to investigate. 
They concluded that the snake must have found its way into the room through the drainpipes and began searching the adjoining hotel rooms. 

In the room directly below they found the source of the invasion: a substantial menagerie of exotic animals. There were over 30 uninvited guests in the room including snakes, lizards, poison dart frogs, fire salamanders, Madagascar boas, bird spiders and a baby crocodile. 
Photo above right: It happened before! Web photo posted after python was found in New York toilet, 2007 

Most of the specimens were still in their boxes and crates, but two gekkos were wandering across the walls. The python had clearly managed to escape from its crate too. 

The python was captured and all the animals removed from the hotel room. Four Italians, three men and a woman, who were renting the room were arrested by police. They were also found to be in possession of narcotics and a fire-arm. 

Under wildlife protection laws, the possession of fire salamanders is illegal. Moreover, the papers for the boas were missing and 16 other animals were judged illegal because their origins could not be determined. 
 Iain Macintyre
20 September 2008 
Radio Netherlands

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