Islamic school fights loss of government funding

28th August 2009, Comments 3 comments

Besides taking the local government to court, the school board is also refusing to step down.

Amsterdam – The governing board of an Islamic school in Amsterdam is taking the local government to court over the loss of its funding, reports Trouw.
The Amsterdam government has announced plans to reduce funding to As-Siddieq school group by EUR 200,000 after an alarming report of the national Education Inspectorate.

The report says the education provided by the primary school is not up-to-standard. The school board has also failed to meet agreements on citizenship and social integration.

The board is refusing to step down, as demanded by the local Education Councillor, Lodewijk Asscher.

In an unusual move, Deputy Education Minister Sharon Dijksma followed suit by withdrawing another EUR 225,000, five percent of the Amsterdam school’s total subsidies of 4.5 million.

The Islamic school, which has been under close scrutiny for several years, has failed to give precedence to ‘openness toward society’ and ‘basic values of the democratic constitutional state’.
As-Siddieq will still receive the funding if it improves its performance. However, the subsidy cut will become permanent if the school still has not met its legal obligations by 1 March.   

Radio Netherlands / Georg Schreuder Hes / Expatica

3 Comments To This Article

  • Dan posted:

    on 2nd September 2009, 15:02:18 - Reply

    Sue - Because a school is forced to conform to Dutch standards does not mean that the government is racist. If Islam, Christianity or Judaism is to be taught, it should be taught in afternoon school, Sunday schools or in addition to Dutch educational guidelines. Because someone crys racism does not mean that we need to change our practices and beliefs to conform to them.
  • Sue posted:

    on 2nd September 2009, 13:06:37 - Reply

    You watch school's next defense - it will be that it is 'racist' - not to allow racism and hatred of all others to be taught ! And therefore the state should be forced to continue paying for this.

  • Dan posted:

    on 29th August 2009, 10:55:00 - Reply

    When, and only when, this "school" decides to conform to governmental educational oulines, should they receive funding. Let's add that they need to teach students on becomming good Dutch citizens, too.